Home Play Day 7


Mirror and Match your ass off today by pacing and Leading the other person.
See if you can get people to sift body language to suit you.

Mirror and Match:
Body Language,
Words (Predicate Phrases)
blink rate
Breath rate -if you know what I mean;)
+ heaps more

4 indicators:
Color shift
Feeling of Familiarity
Say something

Pace Pace Pace Lead Pace Pace Pace Lead repeat

Post up your stories of success

Home Play Day 5

Today we want to use our sensory acuity! In your conversations today pay attention to what is going on around you, your surroundings and use your ability to anchor in your surroundings and really take in what is going on around you!

Share below what you took in today below

Home Play Day 3

Emotional Journal

Set an alarm in your phone tonight for every hour tomorrow. When the alarm rings we want you to write down the emotions and major thoughts you’ve held for that hour.

You may find that you have the same thoughts and emotions throughout the day and that they may not all be positive. Over the coming days we’ll release these but first lets become Aware! Awareness precedes change.

Share below your top 5 positive and negative emotions + any key thought patterns.

Home Play Day 1

1. Strategic Visioning
The more you work at these tools the better you will get! Throughout the time from now until Team Mastery we are going to give you some activities to keep you active!

For our first day we are looking at Strategic Visioning, we are going to set a goal for the next month.

Write down a goal in life that you want to achieve before the end of the month.

CREATE framework
Action orientated
End step

It is:
I am/have:

Use the process to put into your time stream.

Enjoy the results

Write your goals in the comments below


Very soon we’re releasing season 2 of our hit YouTube Channel YRH TV,
but this year we want to do something different, we want to answer your questions about Success! We want to help you Breakthrough the Barriers that are holding you back! We want you to Succeed & We are committed to helping you do it!

How You Can Help: Write in the comments below your biggest challenge, greatest hurdle, thing thats stopping you from being successful, anything that is not 10/10 amazing for you we want to know about it! The more specific the better.

This is your chance to have your questions answered, your problems solved and your life changed!

If you’re sick of talking about your problems and want to live life on your terms this is your moment- Seize it.

Comment below and share with friends, we’ll answer everything you give us throughout the season.