Mindset For Success


So many people in todays day and age want to get out their and be successful, in their jobs, in their careers, in business, in relationships, and that is their biggest limiting factor. They WANT it, but they don’t believe that they can achieve it.

Ask anyone that’s chasing success and not getting it, do they honestly BELIEVE without a shadow of a doubt that they can be successful? If they hesitate for even a SECOND, you know that its not 100% belief that they have. Unless they have this un-shakable belief in themselves they are doomed to fail.

As an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer I see this all too often. People set big goals and they push hard and strive to achieve all that they can, but deep down they don’t believe it. Unless they get over this belief, and start to believe that they truly can I don’t see them becoming a success. BUT if they can, change their mindset, and believe that they can then there is no stopping them.

I recently watched the new movie ‘Hercules’ staring Dwayne Johnson, (Spoiler Alert by the way) and the biggest takeaway I got from that movie, what made the Hercules legend? Was his BELIEF. He believed by the end of the movie that he was Hercules, he was the son of Zeus. It didn’t matter if he was or not, what mattered is that he believed in it. Belief is a powerful thing if you can just harness it for yourself.


Im sure your asking yourself now, that’s great but how can I change my belief? I teach a technique that takes care of that in about 15 minutes, but otherwise, start talking to yourself. I know it sounds weird but roll with me here. Start telling yourself that you believe. Start telling yourself that you BELIEVE you can do it, its as simple as “I got this, I can do it!”. Just like the little engine that could, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Just change those words to I know I can, and eventually you will.

The two keys to change; Commitment and Conditioning. Commit to what you want and make it happen, keep telling yourself what you NEED to hear.

DISCLAIMER – Please don’t blame me if you implement this and go out there and achieve everything your heart desires… that’s on you!