3 Simple Ways to Make Money Speaking

There are many ways to be paid as a professional speaker. As they say, “Stage time is wealth time”.

But how does one go about it? Well, here are a few ideas for you.


Get Paid To Speak.

This involves networking and knowing people who need speakers. You can ask people if they need a speaker, or you might be asked to present at an upcoming conference or seminar. This would involve no selling from the stage, but an upfront payment to you for showing up and doing your thing. The better you are, the more you can be paid.

Corporate events generally pay quite high as the CEO doesn’t own the money, and the bigger the company, the bigger the budget. Some companies need to spend a certain amount in order to maintain their huge budget. Find the people in charge and offer them a solution for a fee.


Sell Your Product From The Stage.

Maybe someone who has created an event doesn’t have a big budget to pay you to speak. What you can do now is sell your services from the stage. This would involve providing the audience with huge value, then sharing with them the next step – which could be coaching, an upcoming seminar of your own or even some products that you have.


Create Your Own Event.

If there aren’t any opportunities, make one! Bring some speakers to your own conference and take a % of their sales as they all sell from the stage. As it is your audience, you should be paid for bringing people together and helping them find solutions to the problems you are addressing.

So who can you connect with that needs a speaker? How can you find the people that do? Or how can you connect an audience with some amazing speakers, and profit from that as well?