5 Simple Steps to Launching Your Wellness Business

Step 1. What Is Your Vision?

What is the big picture that will be the pinnacle of your success? How many people will you serve? How will this change the world? Who will be thanking you on your death bed? What will people say at your funeral?

What is your dream lifestyle? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Step 2. What are the goals you need to set to get there?

Think of goals as the markers on the side of the road that show you that you’re on track to your vision. What do you need to achieve? When do you need to achieve it by? What are the next steps? What is you M.A.P (Massive Action Plan)?

Step 3. Who is your target?

What are their demographics? Where are they located? What are their fears? What are their frustrations? What do they love? Who will you absolutely LOVE working with?

Be specific with finding your target market. Don’t just say “Anyone who needs it”. If you try and sell to everyone you will sell to no one. Find one person that is your perfect customer and give them a name. They are your avatar, they are the ONE person you tailor all of your marketing towards.

What do they want? What do they need? 

There is a disconnect between what people want, and what they need. Sell them what they want, and give them what they need, because only then they will actually get what they want.

Example: Brittany is a Personal Trainer and she is having a consultation with her overweight client, John. John wants to be in the best shape of his life, and knows that it will be a hard journey. Brittany knows for a fact that it will be an EXTREMELY hard journey, especially noting John’s habits include consuming junk food and alcohol every day and zero exercise. If she told him about ALL of the changes he would have to make over the year of work they have together, he wouldn’t sign up. He would quit, then he would become even more depressed, anxious, sick and obese. 

This doesn’t mean that he should be lied to, but if she reminds him about the prize at the end of the journey, it will fuel him through to the finish line, after passing all the inevitable challenges on the way. The investment in time and money acts as leverage and a year later John has completely transformed and given himself an extra 30 years of life to help other people do the same. If John just got what he wanted, he would never have gotten what he really wanted. His habits of getting what he wanted had put him into where he is today, so sell him on what he really wants, and give him what he really needs.

Step 4. Your Solution.

 How will you solve their problems? 

What is their single biggest problem? What one problem, if solved, will take away all of their other problems? How can you educate people so they actually know if they have a problem?

How will you deliver your solution? Will it be online only? How does this fit in with what you avatar needs and your dream lifestyle? You can’t do live seminars in Melbourne if your ideal lifestyle is on a beach in Cuba. 

Step 5. Reach.

How will you find these people? This is also known as “Marketing”.

There you have it. Five simple steps with all the questions you need to answer to kick-start your wellness business and dominate the majority of people who get into this niche. 

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