7 Pillars of An Extra Ordinary Life

Hey, guys! Calvin from Young & Wildly Successful. On this video, I’m going to talk to you about the seven pillars of living an extraordinary life. Let’s get started with the very first one. The first pillar of living an extraordinary life is to make sure you’ve got incredible friends. So many people out there in the world today aren’t surrounded by world-class people. In fact, if you’ve got a problem with your life, you should have a problem with the people in your life.

You want to make sure you surround yourself with excellence, people that really love you, that care about you, and the people that inspire you. People that uplift you, that motivate you, that encourage you to be better, that challenge you, that make you laugh, and that make you cry. So that’s the first pillar, making sure you’ve got incredible friends.

The second pillar of having an extraordinary life is to live with passion, to make that every day you wake up, and you do something that you love. Now, I’m not an idiot. I understand that some areas of our lives we’re not passionate about. And there’s some things in life that, unfortunately, because being an adult is a full-time job, we’re not always going to be able to do exactly what we love in every moment. But it’s how you do it that matters more than what you do. How you go about approaching those little things that might not be the things you love doing.

But remember, how you do anything is how you do everything, and I choose to approach every challenge, every obstacle, every negative with incredible amounts of positive energy and passion, because I understand that how I do anything is how I do everything. So having great friends is important, but living with passion is just as important.

It’s also incredibly important that you’ve got a great body, that you’re physically fit and healthy, because if you don’t have health, then, unfortunately, you’re going to put a strain on your family and friends. And, most importantly, you’re not going to live with passion. You’re not going to have the life you deserve. So health is vital, because long term, it’s easier to have poor eating habits today, but imagine where that’s going to lead you in 10, or 20, or 30 years from now. Because if you don’t have health, then you don’t have your fourth element, which is joy.

Living with joy, having fun, laughing, kidding, dancing. You know, the average adult…the average adult laughs once, if not twice, a day. The average kid laughs 300 or 400 times a day. Let’s be kids again. When did we become so boring? When did we become so boring that we forgot what it was like to have fun? When was the last time you did something crazy and spontaneous? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Having great friends, living with passion, having a great health, and living with joy are all really important things. But now it’s important that you make an impact, that you actually do something with your life that matters, that makes the world a better place. Will Smith was once quoted as saying that, “If you don’t make somebody else’s life better every day, then you’re wasting your time, because your life will become better by making other lives better.” So it’s important that you have impact in the world, that you leave a legacy. You leave the world a better place than what you found it. It’s important that you have fun every day. Life is too short for anything else. It’s vital that you have great health, it’s vital that you live with passion, it’s vital that you’ve got great friends.

All these things are very, very important. What’s also important is that you make sure that each and every single day that you live with a sense of gratitude, a sense of appreciation. One of the pillars of an extraordinary life is gratitude and appreciation for what you have. You know, I talk about this all the time in my seminars and workshops that the entrepreneurial gap is oftentimes about breaching where you are to where you want to be. The happiness gap is about looking from where you were to where you are, because who you become is so much more powerful.

Having gratitude every day. I start all my YouTube videos and all of my live stream videos and my coaching course with three things that you’re grateful for. What are three things you’re grateful for right now? Because fear has one antidote, gratitude. It’s impossible to be grateful and afraid at the same time. It’s very possible to be grateful and excited, though.

And the final pillar of an exceptional life. Not just having great friends, not just making sure you live with joy, making sure you’ve got health and you’ve got passion in your life. Not just making sure that you’re making an impact, not just what we were just talking about, not about all of those things. The final pillar, the final pillar of living an extraordinary life, love. Love for yourself, first and foremost, and love for someone else, something else, maybe that you create, or it’s your intimate person that you’re with. Maybe it’s just yourself. But what I do know is that love lifts us up where we belong.

Love is the antidote to so many of the suffering challenges in our world. If the world had more love in it, the world would be a very different place. In fact, they did a great study, and they showed that children that were malnourished but grew up in Africa in an incredibly loving and supportive environment prospered, survived. Children that went in and out of the United States justice system, that were, unfortunately, in and out of foster homes with multiple parents that didn’t really care for them or love them, they didn’t. Love is the language that translates all boundaries.

So having great friends is important. Living with joy, very important. Making sure you’ve got a great body. Look after your body. Very, very, important. Making sure you’ve got happiness and positivity and, most importantly, passion in your life. Essential.

Make sure you make an impact in the world, that you live with gratitude each and every single day, and most of all, that you fill your life and your cup until it overflows with love. Because if you can do that, then you’re going to master all seven steps, all pillars, if you will, of an exceptional life. Live with six of those, but not the seventh? Well, life is unfortunately not going to be such a bright and brilliant place to be alive.

So guys, as you work towards mastering all seven of those pillars, remember to live strong and live with passion, to make today, this day, and every day moving forward a phenomenal life-changing adventure. Because, hey, we only get one shot at this game called life. And above all else, guys, you’ve heard me say it many times before, so one more time. Remember to live life on your terms.

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