30 Days of Greatness- Day 3 Alexander the Great

May 3. 2014

Day 3 of 30 Days of Greatness. Today Alexander the Great

By the time Alexander was 30 he controlled half the known world with visions to bring Europe and Asia together into brotherhood of man. He was and still is the most legendary War General to have ever lived, having been undefeated in over a 12 year campaign.

30 Biggest lessons from Alexander the Great

  1. #YOLO- Alexander only lived till 32

  2. Back yourself- At 13, he tamed a horse no one else could tame despite the advise and wisdom of older men around him.

  3. Master your craft- Alexander Never lost a battle

  4. Alexander Excelled at the destruction and devastation of his enemies but failed to build things after the battle and been won. This was because Alexander liked to retain the culture and traditions of the places his conquered- a difficult challenge after a change in leadership.

  5. He understood structure of civilisations and was influential in the establishment  of the State- government- people system of politics

  6. He establish a common language- Greek across al countries

  7. Have great mentors- He was tutored by Aristotle who was mentored by Pluto!

  8. Develop forwardness and high purpose

  9. Never rest on your laurels, success comes to those who will rise to a challenges- he wanted a kingdom in midst of challenge and battle so he could test his “bravery” rather than a kingdom in peace and abundance

  10. Respect but don’t subordinate to your elders when they say things cannot be done! “Do you reproach those who are older than you, as if you knew more and were better able to manage him than they?”

  11. “Seek out a kingdom that is worthy of thee for Macedonia is too little for thee.”

  12. Choice and Independence are powerful motivators- He sought always to persuade and influence rather than lead through force

  13. “I would rather spread the message of what is excellent rather than exuded my own power.”

  14. He left on a 12 year journey to conquer the known world with only 30 days supply and offered all that he had in wealth to those who followed him. When asked what would you leave for yourself, he replied “My hopes”

  15. He united people through language, trade and culture.

  16. His first course of action was to remove all those who could claim to his throne

  17. The basis of Alexander’s success as a leader was his ability to inspire his men to think great things and then accomplish them with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment.

  18. It took 12 years for alexander to build his kingdom (there is a rule of success taking about 10 years and considering he died at 32, that’s pretty close.)

  19. Over a 12 year campaign he defeated armies 3,5 and 10 times his size! How? Communicate a sense of common purpose to people and resonates with their hearts and emotions. The feeling of belonging to something greater than self is what produces the passion and commitment which generates discretionary effort.

  20. Strategic Planning: When Alexander left Macedonia to conquer Persia, he took surveyors, engineers, architects, scientists, court officials and historians. Once he left home, he left nothing to chance – he couldn’t afford to stop his campaigns and wait for the “Army Corps of Engineers” to build a bridge. Speed was essential for Alexander. Through his travels of 21,000 miles, (remember, this was on horse and foot, not in a new Porsche Cayenne), Alexander had to backtrack only once in his journeys across Europe and Asia. This is amazing, considering he didn’t have a GPS in 334-323 BC.

  21. Lead from the front!- Alexander drank, ate and walked with his solders, he knew their emotional and physical condition prior to battle, the mark of a great general.

  22. Stay grounded and balanced. By the end of his life alexander was noted as an alcoholic, paranoid, megalomaniac, who believed in his own divinity. This no doubt played a part in his death.

  23. Write your own history- literally. Alexander traveled with historians who recorded his adventures. The stories were often personally shaped by alexanders need for grand’ure and exuberance and as so just a decade after his death stories of his greatness had become myth and legend.

  24. You cannot be the leader and the talent! During his time as King of Macedonia he only spent 2 years there, nearly all of his life as king was spent on the road in search for victory.

  25. Always remain hungry. After all of alexanders success he always yearned for more success and victory. A powerful and self destructive trait.

  26. Leave a legacy

  27. Be a reflection of your people, team and culture. After defeating the persian empire, he dressed like a persian and every married a persian woman.

  28. Embrace superior technology. Alexander won many of his battles because of superior war technology. His father invented a spear called a sarissa that would itself will many battles.

  29. Invest in your team. Alexanders army was the highest team and the highest trained because even during peace times, the arm was paid enough to train full time and hence was a professional and well seasoned team against a larger but less organised and less skilled opponent.

  30. To be great you must believe you are great. He believe he was the son of Zeus!

The Oath of Alexander

“It is my wish now, that the wars are coming to an end, that you should all be happy in peace. From now on, let all mortals live as one people, in fellowship, for the good of all. See the whole world as your homeland, with laws common to all, where the best will govern regardless of their race. Unlike the narrow-minded, I make no distinction between Greeks and Barbarians. The origin of citizens, or the race into which they were born, is of no concern to me. I have only one criterion in  which to distinguish them – virtue. For me, any good foreigner is a Greek, and any bad Greek is worse than a Barbarian. If disputes ever occur among you, you will not resort to weapons, but will solve them in peace. If need be, I shall arbitrate between you. See God not as an autocratic despot, but as a common father to all, and thus your conduct will be like the lives of brothers within the same family. I, on my part, see all of you as equal, whether you are white or dark-skinned. And I should like you not simply to be subjects of my commonwealth, but members of it, partners of it. To the best of my ability, I shall strive to do what I have promised. Keep as a symbol of love this oath, which we have taken tonight with our libations.


Calvin “The Great” Coyles

Alexander Empire