Attention To Detail

Hey guys, Calvin Coyles here from Young and Wildly Successful, spending the day today in Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Singapore. I am just in awe of this place. I love theme parks, and amusement worlds, and attractions, and that sort of stuff because it’s so full of creativity and life. And, particularly, what I want to talk to you today about is, I’ve been blown away by the detail. You know, in business and in movies, we can get so caught up on the big picture stuff that we forget all the little details that make our client experience so wonderful.

I’m here and we’ve just gone from the main area of Universal Studios through to now Madagascar World, and you might see behind me there’s the big trees, and behind me is a big boat, as well, from the movie Madagascar. You might see the boat behind me. But what I want to point out to you is the level of detail they have in this place, is they have specifically designed the speakers. Look at the speakers. They’ve particularly designed the speakers. It comes down to the signboards. And each area that you go to are different depending on where you are. Let me just see if I can try and get that in the shot here, all right?

So everything is completely different. The environment is different. The floor that we’re walking on, the floor that we’re walking on is completely different. The snacks that you’re in different areas, the snacks are different. Every time you go to a different world in this place, it’s literally like going to a whole ‘nother world.

What I want to encourage you to do is to think about, what are some of the small things that people may not even notice that you can add into your business that’s going to add such an incredible difference in your experience? Because there’s so many things that we can do in our lives, and so many things that we can do in our businesses, but many of us miss the little details. We’re so big-picture focused that we forget to create these immersive environments for our clients, and our friends, and our loved ones. And my message to you is very simple. If you want to be able to have a phenomenal business, if you want to have something that’s as world-class as what a Universal Studios is or a Disneyland, for example, then in order to do that, what we’ve got to be able to do is, you’ve got to create these immersive environments and it comes down to the little details, guys.

So here at Universal Studios, chilling out with Alex the Lion, and the apes and the chimpanzees, and King Julien, and all the rest of them, wishing you guys a phenomenal life-changing adventure ahead in 2015. And above all else, guys, just wishing you all the very best and encouraging you to live life on your terms.

Notice behind me the big castle there? That’s from Shrek. The whole word over there is different. With the Jurassic Park, we’ve got The Fast and the Furious, we’ve got all the different places, Water World, phenomenal place, guys. Get yourself over to Sentosa Island and check it out, but remember, remember the details because that’s the most important thing. We want to make sure we get the details right because they create the little experiences that create the big experience.

Lots of love, guys. Live life on your terms. Bye.

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