Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

I’m sitting here researching, studying and modelling the success of billionaires around the world to better teach our clients the art of business success, and I stumbled upon this HUGE lesson for everyone wanting to succeed in business. These 5 Billionaires have all started and run multiple businesses. Richard Branson is off the charts with his endeavours and they all stared Young.

The more you explore new ways of doing things the more successful you become. Don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun and make mistakes.

YWS TV - How To Build Self Confidence Ep.1

In this video Calvin asks “what’s stopping you from becoming the best
possible version of yourself?” and invites you to share your problems with
the young and wildly successful team. After-all a problem shared is a
problem halved.

Calvin dives straight into answering one troubled warriors question
regarding self confidence.

Ask yourself this: “Are you confident, you’re not confident?”….Well
then you’re confident.

Hit the play button to find out Calvin’s Holy Trinity of self confidence,
and take the steps to making the rest of your life, the best of your life.



Home Play Day 29


We’ve all got those books on our nightstand or on a shelf somewhere we’ve been wanting to read, but then never got around to it. Today, your homeplay is to pick up that book. Or any book. Read 5 pages (or more). What book did you pick?

Home Play Day 25

Make Eye contact

Don’t be afraid to meet and connect in with new people! Make eye contact with strangers today. You’ll be more connected with the people around you, and you might just meet a few interesting people! Comment how this worked for you.

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