5 brands that kill it on Instagram!


Instagram provide a great opportunity for brands to showcase their products to millions of users in an inspiring way. On this media channel brands can share inspirational photos and videos to both existing and potential customers. There are some brands that are simply nailing their Instagram marketing and have been able to build up a huge amount of followers. In this article we will go through 6 of the most popular brands on Instagram when it comes to brand strategy, number of followers and engagement levels. A great read if you are ready to step up the social media game to expand your business.

  1. 1. Go Pro

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  3. Go Pro give their 5,7 million followers a daily dose of inspiration to live an adventurous life on the edge. Their small, waterproof HD cameras are madly popular among extreme sports athletes and travel enthusiasts. GoPro does a good job when it comes to leveraging user generated content on Instagram. Their feed consists of adventurous photos submitted by fans in beautiful landscapes all around the world.Go Pro users are all about nailing the creative, close-up action shots and showcasing talent in amazing locations. The classic Go Pro shots have become a hype within the extreme sport industry and travel community. Go Pro users submit photos from all over the world, which GoPro in turn gladly shares on their feed as long as it’s fun, creative and adventurous.
    1. 2. Red Bull


Red Bull are well-known for their brilliant marketing and their Instagram account is certainly no exception. Red Bull’s gallery is full of pictures from extreme sport enthusiasts, festival junkies and globetrotters. Their Instagram feed definitely gives you wings and they are able to deliver daily inspiration to their 3 million followers. Red Bull are sponsoring some of the most infamous extreme sport events and festivals and focus on highly branded entertainment. They encourage their followers to publish photos of themselves enjoying a Red Bull at cool events or spectacular places and let their fans know that they have a possibility to get featured on their Instagram feed.

  1. 3. Nike

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  3. Nike is one of the leading brands on Instagram within the fashion industry. This sportswear giant has a following of 18,1 million people and their growth on this social media channel crushes most other apparel companies. Nike focus on sharing inspirational shots that showcase sports personalities and brand ambassadors wearing Nike clothing. In addition, they have segmented their communities into different categories in order to give their followers a more accessible, family feel to the social network. This strategy is popular for the big brands with huge followings. In addition they have trained their followers to use hashtags with #nike and #justdoit to further spread out their message and brand. A feed full of inspiration that is definitely worth following in order to get some tips on how to nail Instagram.
    1. 4. National Geographic

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    3. National Geographic is one of the most popular brands on Instagram with close to 25 million followers. They share the message that life is an adventure and their followers are able to enjoy the ride through the eyes of the National Geographic photographers. Their feed consists of amazing photos from the nature, such as beautiful landscapes, wild animals and authentic cultures. Their photos are breathtaking and you definitely feel the urge to go out and explore the world when going through their gallery. National Geographic has embraced the storytelling possibilities on Instagram and their followers can explore some of the most unique and remote places in the world through its imagery.
      1. 5. Airbnb

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      3. Airbnb opens the door to the world’s most interesting places to stay. On their Instagram account they share customers’ travel experiences and inspire people to book their next vacation with Airbnb. The company shows its 445,000 followers spectacular properties, pleasant meals, unique furniture and luxurious views. You are able to book your vacation directly from their Instagram account, which is a great way to get their visitors to use their services. Their gallery is full of beautiful and colorful photos and it has a consistent theme. You definitely feel like booking your next holiday as soon as possible after looking through their amazing images!
        1. 6. Starbucks

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        3. The Starbucks brand knows social media and has been able to gather more than 5 million followers on Instagram. The famous coffee company has over 22,000 shops around the world and on their Instagram feed they share cozy coffee moments one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. Their images seek to inspire their fans to nurture the human spirit and appreciate the little things in life, such as a nice cup of coffee.You definitely feel like diving into the Starbucks experiences when you go through their gallery of beautiful images from different stores and walks with people enjoying a decent cup of coffee. The vast majority of the images on Starbuck’s account are fan-submitted photos and the company encourages its followers to post their own Starbucks moments to get featured on their feed. Fun, fresh and interactive. Just how it should be!