6 Valuable Tips to Nail Social Media!


The social media phenomenon has taken the world by storm and it is clear that business now need to set up a clear social media strategy in order to survive within their industry. Social media gives you as a business the opportunity to connect with your customers, share your message, build your brand image and promote your products and services. Even so, it can be hard to know what kind of approach to use and most small businesses have a poor social media strategy, if any at all. This article will go deeper into some tips that most social media experts claim to be valuable when marketing your business online.

  1. Choose a few networks and manage them well

When you are completely new to the social media scene it can be difficult to figure out what media channels you should use and you might get overwhelmed by all the options out there. In the long run taking advantage of more sites is a great idea, however if you are just getting started with social media to market your brand, it is better to focus your energy on a few and build up a following before expanding.  It is better to market your brand well on a few sites than managing many sites poorly. Focus on creating great content for a few social media channels that suit your business and your target market well. Once you are up and going with more followers, you can expand into other media channels if it seems beneficial for your brand.

  1. Deliver high quality content

When you have chosen the social media channels that suit your business the best, start creating great content. If you only have a few channels to manage it is easier to produce great content that provides value for your followers. Figure out what your customers value and develop a content strategy accordingly. Do your followers love beautiful pictures? Focus on delivering high quality pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Do your followers seek inspiration? Provide inspirational quotes, pictures, and articles on your sites. Do your followers crave valuable information about your products or the industry you are in? Focus on developing and sharing well researched articles and videos about your products and your industry. The key thing when it comes to content is to provide value for your followers. Instead of just trying to sell your products, you want to create a bond with potential customers and show them that you care about their needs and wants.

  1. Be authentic

If you want to make it in the social media scene you have to be authentic. There is so much clutter out there and people do not just want to follow anyone. Connecting with people online is similar to connecting with people offline. Create bonds by being authentic and sharing your story. Dare to get personal to create a deeper connection with your online fans. When your audience recognize your brand’s voice as genuine and influential you will be able to better shape their opinions and drive their actions. Your online voice is your brand. Make sure that your brand’s values, mission statement and ethics shine through in your voice. Dare to be yourself and connect on a deeper level.

  1. Consistency

It is important to keep your accounts updated and make sure that your visitors feel valued. You have to keep delivering good content on a consistent basis. A good way to keep your consistency in sharing posts and photos is to create a social media calendar. This way you have an organized layout and strategy for what, when and where you are going to post, day by day or throughout the week. You will need consistency both in when you are posting and what you are posting. You need to show a consistent brand image and brand message through your content.

  1. Create a good network

Create a good network with both your followers and influencers in the industry. Look for opportunities to help others and give others credit. Contact influencers in the industry to ask if you can interview them about your industry. This will also be highly valued by your fans. When you try to help others they will go out of their way to help you build up your following as well online. Strive to build up connections that will help you share your brand and message online.

  1. Analyze your stats

You will have to analyze the statistics of your social media work in order to make decisions and form content strategies. There are several statistic tools for social media out there, so you have to choose a few important ones in order to get clear on who your visitors are, when they are online and what kind of content they enjoy. By analyzing your stats you learn what kind of content strategy you should use in order to pull in more visitors and turn the existing visitors into buyers of your products or services.

Good luck!