Anna InkZoo Testimonial 20 Clients in 15 Days

Calvin: Hey, guys. It’s Calvin here from Young and Wildly Successful. I’m with the beautiful Anna from Inkzoo. She’s just finished 15 in 15. She’s out Christmas shopping as we speak. The entrepreneurial hustle never stops. Anna, I just wanted to check in with you, babe. You’ve done an amazing job. Tell us, how many clients have you got in the 15 days? And what was the experience like?

Anna: I’ll look, I’ve got 20 clients. Those are clients that I have on board. And January’s looking fantastic. I’m really, really excited about the opportunity and all of the insight that Cal’s given and the team. Really love the program. Everyone was amazing. Everyone was really supportive. And I think that really comes from Cal so much and his leadership. So…

Calvin: Well, thank you so much, darling. What was the biggest thing you got from the program? Obviously getting new clients is always fantastic. And you’ve got potentially four new clients just from one of the strategies we implemented by doing those JV [SP] partnerships.

Anna: Yeah.

Calvin: But what was the big thing that you got from the program? What was the big thing you learned or the big thing you’re taking away?

Anna: I guess the biggest thing that I learned was how much that can be done in 15 days.

Calvin: Yeah.

Anna: I think…I didn’t realize, obviously we do put in a lot of hours. Always all focused and you’re concentrating on what needs to be done. It’s a lot can happen in 15 days. So I think it’s just amazing. So I was surprised at the hustle, everything…the strategies that you gave. Especially because I haven’t used Facebook before. Yeah, it’s just crazy what can be done in 15 days.

Calvin: Yeah. You did an amazing job. You really did. Just tell us real quick, who is this program for? Because it’s not for everybody. And you worked your ass off in 15 days to be able to pull it all together. Who would you say is the ideal person to come and do this? What do they have to have? What do they have to be looking for?

Anna: I think it’s really about, you have to have the determination to succeed during that and the commitment within the 15 days, I believe. It’s just one of those things where you have to really make sure that if you’re going to do this program, you have to be committed in those 15 days to make sure you get the results that you’re aiming for basically. And really to follow the instructions as well. So yeah.

Calvin: Beautiful. Thank you so much, darling. One final question, if someone’s sitting on the fence, they’re not sure if they should do it, why should they do it?

Anna: I just think that when it comes to life in general, you’ve got to really challenge yourself. And this, it’s not the biggest commitment but you get what you put in basically. So if you’re on the fence but you want to change, I think you really should give it a go. And give it all you’ve got basically. So yeah.

Calvin: Yeah. Great points, darling. Well, look, thank you so much. Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the whole team at Young and Wildly Successful. You look gorgeous as always, out there Christmas shopping. We can’t wait to work with you in 2016. Guys, if you need to reach out to Anna, how can they contact you and find out more about what you do, Anna?

Anna: Yeah, I do property…

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