Dream Client Identification

Hey guys, really quick video about identifying your dream client. And so in this section I’m going to share a download for you, it’s called, “The Dream Client Identification Checklist,” and I want you to go in there and take a bit of time. This is going to really set the foundation. And we use this tool every single time we’re about to launch a new product, a new service, or a new business idea.

And so you should do this for each of your core products. You should do this for your low-barrier entry product. You should do this process for your core product. And you should do this process for your premium product. Because you may find people go through the whole funnel, but you might be able to target individually those people separately of it.

And before you do the template and activity, which should take you a couple of minutes, what I’d like you to do is ask yourself this question. “Who is it that you actually want to be able to work with?” Who do you want to be able to work with, because the challenge is for so many people is that they’re literally starting to work, and in the first year of business, they’ll just work with anybody that’s got a checkbook. And, you know, I’ve been in the exact same position.

And when we launched our Business Mastery program, we had the experience where we enrolled people, and we’re like, “Look, anyone that wants to pay us some money, they’ve got to be self-qualified, because they’ve got to be willing to pay the money.” But that’s not really a qualification process. There’s a qualification process much deeper than that. And it’s really about making sure you work for the right people. Because you’re going to spend a long time with these clients and considering that we’re building a high-performance funnel with you in this process so you’ll have clients that could last with you for 18 months. You know, it’s not just one month, or a weekend or an online program for eight weeks. These guys could stay with you and be in your business for 18 months.

So who you’re going to want to work with, and who is it that you really want to spend time with? What are these sort of people? What are their passions, their ideas, their love, their interests?

And we found, for us, it was a lot of people that were interested in personal growth. A lot of people that were interested in making themselves better, wanting to make a difference in the world, but also people that were also passionate about health and wellness as well, people that were really loving that. Now you may not be in health and wellness, but you’re passionate about it, because I can tell you right now, you wouldn’t be working with us if you weren’t. We have an alignment of our values. So that’s something that’s important to us, because we wanted to work with those people long term.

So ask yourself this question. Go ahead and do the activity as well. It’s a really short, simple one, and it’ll be able to kick into some serious goals for you in the next couple of weeks.

Identify Your Dream Customer Checklist