Growth Hacking

*** Growth Hack- You Cant Handle The Growth ***

Hustling today on my way to Ireland for our Sold Out Business Breakthrough tour. Reflecting about the event last night in London. Throughout the night we talked about growing your business by 350% in just 12 months and how to build an attraction business where people call you rather than you calling them.

One of the impact-preneurs in the room was making $10k per month and wanted to scale to $40k Per Month. Awesome but it will never happen…. unless he changes his business.

To 4X your Business, you can’t simply work harder or 4X the number of clients you have. If you 4X’d the number of clients you had tomorrow would your IT systems, accounts, team, customer care, billing and simply hours and the day to service them hold up or buckle under the pressure?

Leadership in Business is about Anticipation & Action NOT Hoping & Reacting. Think about your business and seriously ask yourself, to Double, Triple or 4X your business in the next 12 months, what systems, support, knowledge and insight do you need that you don’t have yet?

Write down 5 things that you need in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Delivering Value, Leadership & Finance. If you’re like most people who don’t know what they don’t know, then seek support from someone who’s been there and done it before. Their insights can save you and make you millions.

Let me know what do you have to do differently to take your business to the next level?

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