Kane Fitzpatrick 15/15 Testimonial - 24 Leads in 15 Days

Calvin: Hey you guys, Calvin here from Young & Wildly Successful, I’ve got Kane Fitzpatrick here from Tiger Fitness in Australia, rock and rolling. You just finished the 15 days, the 15/15 program, had some fantastic results.Kane, I’ll hand it over to you, man. What were some of the things you achieved in 15/15 and why should people come on board and join it?

Kane: Yeah, so for me, the 15/15, I guess it was that time of year when any kind of business you do, not a lot of people…especially new business, I’ve only been in it for a couple of years, you’re always still nervous about that time of year, so I saw the opportunity to have a crack at the program, while it was in its beta testing and I’m pretty glad I did. First thing I got out of it was: besides the training, social media’s probably what we’ve talked about. It’s one of those things that, in general, we all think we already know everything there is to know about social media, and that’s all well and good when you’re trying to talk with your friends and family, but a lot of us are always talking about how can you use social media for business.

Even I’ve messed around with it for a little bit too long and invested money that actually never got me any money back for the investment I made. So we see you guys learning how to create systems. Off the bat, we basically created systems from day one with nothing, no skeleton, made something and then put it into progress and invested a little bit of money. I only invested about a $120 into my advertising and got results. I’ve done, I’ve invested more than I don’t know how many thousands of dollars in social media marketing in the last 24 months and got zero sales from that kind of marketing. So that was one of the biggest things for me is learning targeting, learning more about funnels, that’s something that’s been almost taboo to me, and then the results.

Obviously 15 and 15, the idea is you get 15 clients, 15 days. I managed to get 24 opt-ins to the program, two actual sales leading up to Christmas, so I was pretty happy with that, two, a week and a half before Christmas. I didn’t expect everyone to buy on the day, but I got a total of 24 people that I have appointments booked in for the first week of the new year, which is that time of year for New Year’s resolutions, being in the health and fitness business. So I’m stoked for that. And I really understand more. I guess being in gym work, I’m lucky, we’re all, most of us are lucky to understand about pick-up technology quickly.

I didn’t even know this technology was there as far as click funnels and things like that. I didn’t even know it was there. And if I had known it was there 24 months ago, who knows what would have happened? So I feel like I had to get you guys and even just what we’ve learned to make me understand it almost like that, now I can play with it, continue to build, it’s not a finished product. For 15 days, what we got out of it, more than worth it.

Calvin: Yeah, fantastic, man, that’s brilliant and growing. And if you’re looking to get started in business, why should somebody come on board and do 15/15 to be able to get more clients, get more leads, make more sales? What’s the one thing you would say, “Do the program for this?0″

Kane: For us, it comes down to that, I’m talking to you right now: if you’re watching this video, you probably think you know everything about social media and everything about sales and everything about how to get a lead to make a sale. But I guarantee you, without even knowing who you are, you probably don’t. This is the kind of program that can take you from thinking that you know to actually knowing.

Calvin: Yeah, and so let’s put something in perspective as well. Before you did the program, on average, in a normal two-week period, how many leads would you normally be generating into your business?

Kane: I couldn’t even give you a whole round number, I was getting percentage, a ratio of leads, because it was all about me. It’s basically a referral businesses, because I’m not being… [inaudible 00:03:29], so I never really had a lead generation program, to be honest.

Calvin: Right, for sure. So you weren’t getting consistent leads, we’ve been able to generate 17 leads…

Kane: I cut out now.

Calvin: I can still see you, so the phone just rang through. We’ve got 17 leads in 15 days. On those, we then implemented a referral strategy with another seven referrals. We’ve upgraded two of those clients. And now you’ve got 24 qualified leads coming through into your program. Keeping in mind, guys, that these people have opted in for a $97 product, so easy to call them to pick up on, jump onto the phone, if we convert even 50% of those into a $100 product, there’s a $1,000-plus that we’ve got in just front-end sales. But then on the back end, you’re going to be selling them into a $24-a-week nutrition training program, so $100 a month. That’s a $1,000-a-year client, if we upgrade some of those, there’s tens of thousands of dollars in value there. So it’s all about having that consistency in our marketing. If you’re in health and fitness, if you’re doing anything, it’s vital to know that you’re continuing to have people coming in, doing your programs, otherwise, you’re going to be spending a lot of money and a lot of time and energy and effort and not getting consistent results. In a word, should they do it?

Kane: Yes. Yes.

Calvin: Great answer.

Kane: Absolutely.

Calvin: Thank you so much, Kane, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kane. He’s doing some stuff for us heading into 2016, but I can’t wait to be able to share the journey with you, man. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time, energy and effort and all the best for 2016, brother.

Kane: Thanks, mate. Have a good Christmas and New Year’s.

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