Melina ‘I Want freedom’ $8k in 15 days!

Calvin: Hey, guys. Calvin here from Young and Wildly Successful, joined on the line by the beautiful Melina from I Want Freedom and she’s just finished the “15 in 15″ program, had an incredible result. I think you generated 10 paid clients, Melina, in just 15 days. And done a whole heap of other cool stuff, which we’re going to work through as well. But why don’t we just get started? Why don’t you just introduce yourself? Tell everyone that’s watching this a little bit about what you do in your business and why you decided to come on board with “15 in 15.”

Melina: Yep. Okay, so my name’s Melina Beckett. And I am a mentor to women. I love health and fitness, so that’s one of my main genres, is helping women to be healthy. And I joined “15 to 15″ because I wanted to learn how to do marketing on Facebook, which I’d done before but failed dismally. So…

Calvin: Yeah, and just so we’re clear as well, obviously you had Kim Barrett in the group, who’s our head of marketing globally for Young and Wildly Successful, and also a business partner. He was in the group helping you out over those 15 days. But you were able to generate 10 sales. Eight sales through direct Facebook marketing and then two referral sales in fifteen days, right?

Melina: Yep. Absolutely. And Kim was fantastic helping me.

Calvin: And he’ll appreciate that. Tell me, what was the difference between what we were able to teach you and what you’d already learned previously? Because there’s a lot of people out there, Melina, that probably are watching this video that are thinking, “Oh, I already know Facebook marketing. I’ve already got that stuff figured out.” Or they’ve tried it and they’ve gone, “This doesn’t work. It’s never going to work.” And they’ve given up on Facebook marketing.

So you are in the position…I remember having a conversation with you earlier in the year and you were talking about, “Well, if you just give me a new funnel, what’s to say it’s going to work? And then what’s to say somebody else can’t just do the same funnel?” So what were some of the distinctions that you were able to learn that allowed you to get sales?

Melina: Yep. So because I was new to marketing through Facebook and I’d tried myself following little bits from everyone else, I felt like I needed somebody to go, “Right. Here it is. This is exactly what you do. Follow this step-by-step and let’s see if it works.” And for me to start with, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to learn that fast and keep up with the run. And sometimes I felt like I was slipping behind and then I would send a message to the group. And not only did yourself, Calvin, and Kim help me, but the other members of the group helped me as well. Which is really good. So I was able to form friendships with them.

Calvin: Yeah, for sure. And as an entrepreneur, I know you do a lot of support for women. But one of the big things I love about doing groups like this…and I’m sure you’d agree…is the power that you get from just connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs, right? You had a group…I think you had about eight people in your group the first time we ran this…and they’re all doing the same sort of things. They’re all getting their ads up. They’re all sharing different ideas. Talk to us a little bit about what you learned from other people. Because it’s not just about learning from me or learning from Kim. It’s also about learning from other people in the group.

Melina: Yep, yep. Well, I find people interesting. I find…I can’t help it, especially people who are entrepreneurial. I just love to soak up their ideas. So to see what they were doing and to see how they…they ran into things and they fell forward. It gives me confidence to be able to do that myself. Thinking that, “If they can do it, I can do it.” And sometimes things don’t work. But you’ve just got to keep learning.

Calvin: Yeah, absolutely.

Melina: So it was really good to watch all the different personalities in the group and the different levels of where they’re at. With the businesses, their life, their entrepreneurial ideas. And go…I’m doing my own thing and I felt confident in doing that as well.

Calvin: Yeah, sensational. That is what we want to hear. And a quick question, in terms of actually delivering something, this program’s about getting you new clients. And it’s about getting you new clients on board. And some people decide to get new clients on board for free to start. And you decided to go with the more aggressive strategy and actually get paid clients on board. And so you’ve been able to generate 10. The average client that buys from you, it’s a thousand dollar purchase. Is that right?

Melina: Yes, yep. Yes, correct.

Calvin: And your conversion rate is at about…what’s your conversion rate of those 10?

Melina: I’m sorry. You’re breaking up, Calvin. My conversion rate of the 10 people, did you say conversion? Okay, eight.

Calvin: Eight, fantastic. So in 15 days, you’ve got 10 paid clients at a low bar to entry. I’m going to talk about your “16 in 2016″ program in a second because you built that from scratch in the 15 days. But on the back-end of making that little sale, you’ve got a chance to then upgrade, and of your current numbers, you’ll upgrade eight of those into a thousand dollar sales.

So in 15 days, you’ve converted 10 people. You’ll convert those 10 people. That’s $8,000 of clients into your business, not including referrals, back-end sales, auxiliary sales, different offers and programs. Plus as well, you have the opportunity to make residual income on what you’re doing with your clients as well, which is just absolutely fantastic. But I want to talk to you a little bit about your 16 program. So you’ve designed a program for 2016 called “16 in ’16.”

Melina: Yep.

Calvin: Just talk to us about how you created that, the idea behind it. Because a lot of people think that in 15 days, it’s too small to build a program, market a program, and make sales in a program. And you did all of that, which is why I was so excited to speak to you.

Melina: Yep. So that started with the fact that I was nicheing. And I worked out my ideal client. So my ideal client obviously is women. And women that are very similar to myself. And one of the things when it comes to health, a lot of people struggle with, is setting goals. And well, I thought it was a perfect time going into a new year, to be able to help women to set goals and to free themselves from the fear of setting goals. So that was my idea of starting the 16 steps. Usually I would say to do small steps, but “16 in ’16” sounded like a good idea at the time.

Calvin: Yeah, good iteration. Yeah, nice. So you had a free download they could get. It was a PDF download, right? Like, 16…what was it called? Principal planner? So they had that as a download, as a…yeah, continue.

Melina: Yeah, I have two versions. So in my sales final, the first step was free. So it’s to join the program for free. So they get the videos and the principal planner. And they can also upgrade to $16 for the upgrade, which has a workbook and also a Facebook coaching page and a coaching session with me.

Calvin: Right, fantastic. And from there in that coaching session, you’ll then upgrade them from there.

Melina: Absolutely, yes.

Calvin: Fantastic, darling. Look, I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved and you should be as well. And guys, for everyone who’s watching this, I want to put something in perspective here. Because the results Melina’s achieved in just 10 days are nothing short of exceptional. But when you then consider the timing and the market, it just blows that out of proportion, right? So during this time, we’re in the first 15 days of December and she’s targeting moms.

I mean, if there was ever a time where moms are going, “I’m not interested in anything about me. I’m all about the kids, all about the family,” but perhaps when they need the support the most, it would be this time. The fact that in 15 days during the Christmas period, targeting moms of all people, that you’ve been able to generate these sales, these referrals, and these sort of results, come January, come February, come March, you’re just going to blow it out of the water, darling. I’m really, really proud of you.

In a couple of words, summarizing the whole program, the support, the training, everything like that, what would you say to somebody that’s like you? Maybe it’s a woman as well that wants to get their own support. Maybe they’re dealing with a little bit of self-confidence issue about believing in their own stuff. I know you’ve dealt with that.

Melina: Yep.

Calvin: And obviously you’re well and true, you’re over that now. Why should they do the program? What’s in it for them?

Melina: Heck, I just think it’s for anyone of all different levels, like I said before. Definitely if you’re like me, who doesn’t know where to start and you need that guidance, it’s fantastic. And even for people who’ve done it before and to gain the community of the group.

Calvin: Yeah, fantastic. And it’s a pretty intensive program. There’s obviously a lot expected of you in 15 days. There’s a lot to learn. And I’m aware that it’s not for everybody. So who would you say this is not for?

Melina: People who are wishy-washy, who don’t want to push their business further. Or don’t feel that they have the time.

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