Monday is the very first day of the working week. “Itis” is a medical term used to denote inflammation. The two together make for a word that associates pain to the first day of the working week (FYI).

You know the type that complains about Mondays. They’re the ones who live for the weekend and who need a holiday from their normal daily life. What this actually is, is someone not living true to their purpose, or their highest values. You can see their lack of enthusiasm, their interest in self-sabotaging habits such as excessive drug and alcohol consumption, and their all-round negative attitude. The only thing they look forward to in life is the next weekend. What a prison to live in.

If you find yourself in the shoes of complaining about it being Monday, then unfortunately you need to re-assess your current direction in life. What is the purpose of your job? Where is it getting you? What do you value most? How will this check off the to-do’s on your bucket list?

Hey, we get it. You have got to pay the bills, rent, and put food on your plate – but you also should be living a passionate, enthusiastic, ecstatic, and meaningful life. Because life is full of ups and downs, but if you’re living a down every Monday to Friday you aren’t going to be too fulfilled when you realise your life is closer to ending than it is to the the start.

Look at where you are right now. Are you happy with this? Or does it need to change?

If you are happy about it, then awesome! My hat goes off you. If you aren’t then you need to take stock of what is good, what is bad and make a decision to correct your future path.

No one likes the sad person in the office. It is exhausting to be around. And this makes the sad person sadder. Then they get fired. Then they get sadder. See the shitty cycle downwards?

It takes a big kick in the arse to get out of that depressive hole, so before you get to that spot allow this article to kick you into gear and start living the life you want.

YES you can do it. YES there are people out in the world who will show you how you can do it. We are living examples that prove you can live on your mission with your heart full of love and the rest of you full of passion. Life is too short to be sad. When life has more negatives than positives, change it. Find someone who is doing what you want to do, and get them to show you the way. Get out of your shitty daily grind and get moving towards the things that are important to you. For only then you shall have everything you need in life, and Monday becomes another day for you to check off meaningful to-do’s that fill you with fulfilment.

Here is Gary Vaynerchuk on Mondays:


Now, go out there and get the life you want. You owe it to yourself and the people who

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