Overcoming Objections- Send Me Some More Info

Calvin: And hopefully you can speak. I’m not sure if you connected. Let’s see if you connected. Jen, can you speak?

Jen: Yes.

Calvin: Awesome babe. Okay, cool. So just give me the heads up again. What’s your program? What’s your company name?

Jen: The name’s Performance Coach. And my program is the free webinar and then the breakthrough one-on-one coaching session.

Calvin: Okay, so free webinar.

Jen: The free VIP upgrade is the breakthrough one-on-one coaching session.

Calvin: And that’s for how much money?

Jen: $47.

Calvin: Great. Okay, great. So let’s first workshop Jen, that imagine I’m calling you and you’ve opted in. So you’re now a client of mine for the general free webinar, but you haven’t yet upgraded to the VIP experience. So you’ve already signed up but you haven’t upgraded to the VIP and there’s a million reasons why that could happen, by the way guys. One of the key reasons is that their Internet browser was slow and they just thought that it was going to be another page. They didn’t know it was a sales page.

So not everyone even watches the video on the next page or goes to the next page. So I always want to recall with the presupposition, the preemptive decision that everyone would have made the decision to join the VIP experience, they just don’t know it yet. So when I’m having the conversation, my conversation really is, “Guys, you already made the decision to join me on this. I’m just purely going to take you through the process of understanding more about it and getting the key details.” So I’m going to give you a call, Jen, as if I’m you and you can be anybody. Okay? Sweet.

Jen: Okay.

Calvin: Ring ring, ring ring.

Jen: Yeah. Hello

Calvin: Hi. Is that Jen?

Jen: Yeah it is. How are you doing?

Calvin: Hey Jen, its Calvin here from the Non-conformer’s Coach. You just registered for our upcoming webinar and I just wanted to give you a quick call and reach out and check in with you and see what caught your attention, why you registered on Facebook for the webinar and how I can help you.

Jen: I’m just feeling really stuck at the moment. I just have no motivation and I just don’t know where to turn and I saw your ad and I’m pretty keen to just check it out.

Calvin: Sensational. So when you say that you’re stuck and you’re struggling with motivation, my experience, Jen, and we work with a lot of people, has been that people are often stuck in just an area of life, and that might be in their career direction, or their relationships, their health, or their finances. What’s the area for you that you’re just lacking a little bit of that mojo?

Jen: It’s probably my relationship at this point in time. And just feeling motivated with that, keeping disciplined with a routine and the relationship as well.

Calvin: Right. Okay, with you 100%. Well, thanks so much for sharing. I really appreciate that. Jen, the reason for my call was a couple of reasons. One was I wanted to get to know you a little bit more and find out, because we’re going to spend some time on the webinar and if I can understand more about what you’re dealing with, then it allows me to be able to obviously tailor the content accordingly. But having heard a little bit about what you’re talking about, you’d be amazed at how many people I speak to that say the same thing. And it might not be relationships for them, but they say, “I’m stuck. I don’t feel I’m motivated. Sometimes I feel like I’m treading water, or worse, going backwards.” And so, ultimately, there’s a lot that we can do to help you. And I’ll be honest with you Jen, there’s only so much that I’m going to be able to cover on the webinar for 90 minutes or for an hour, however long we go for, so what we’ve done is we’ve put together a VIP pack that I want to run you through and get you started with. The opportunity is there for you to be able to not only get access to the material you’ve already joined us for and you signed up for, which is the webinar, but I’d also like to send you out a couple of gifts by email. Two documents, in fact. It’s going to be a couple different PDFs around breakthroughs and mindset holding you back from limitations to get you that oomph going back in your life again, to get that edge and that hunger.

But really, where it all sort of separates itself from the normal experience is that I’d like to offer you the opportunity to do one-on-one coaching calls with me. And that’s where we really go deep in understanding, why are you stuck? Why don’t you have that motivation? Why isn’t the relationship working? And it’s not so much the relationship, but it’s rather understanding what is it about you that’s not coming forward that would need to. And in about 60 minutes, we’ll be able to work through that. I’ll be able to utilize some tools and techniques to be able to help you break through those things, and I promise it’ll be a fundamental shift in your relationship.

Normally my coaching, Jen, is about $500 Australian an hour. That’s what I normally consult and charge at for my work. You get access to that whole pack, the VIP package, the webinar, the gift I’m going to send to you, as well as the one-on-one call for a fraction of that. It’s only $47. So if that all sounds good to you Jen, what I’ll do is I’ll get the pack sent out to you. The two documents I’ll send through to you now. I’ll confirm your email address and mobile number and I’ll get you booked in for a call. So what’s the best email address for you, Jen?

Jen: Are you able to just maybe send me an email with the information on it first?

Calvin: Yeah, absolutely. I’ll send all of that out to you. What’s the best email address for you Jen?

Jen: So you’ll send me the information before I sign up.

Calvin: Yeah. I’m going to send everything out to you right now. So what’s the best email?

Jen: Okay. [email protected]

Calvin: Oh, fantastic. And Jen, just tell me as well, what’s the best mobile number for me to contact you on? Is it this number I’ve got here?

Jen: Yes, that’s right.

Calvin: Awesome. I just don’t have access here. See, I’ve got your name saved in my phone. I don’t have the number. Can you just repeat the number to me?

Jen: 0439-010-687

Calvin: Fantastic and I’ve got my calendar open now Jen as well. When’s the best time for us to book in a call? I’ve got Tuesday at 3:00 pm and Wednesday at 5:00 pm. Does either of those two times work for you?

Jen: Wednesday at 5:00 will be fine.

Calvin: Wednesday, 5:00 pm. Fantastic. So as I said before, Jen, it’s only $47 for the call, and what I’ll do, I’ll send out all the information I have for you as well, but is it Visa or MasterCard?

Jen: Okay, so can you send me the email with the info first, or do I have to pay now?

Calvin: Yeah, for sure. So what I’ll do is I’ll just get your credit card details down. I’ll send all the information out to you. If you don’t like the information, just send it all straight back to me, and say yeah, no problems. I won’t process anything. But obviously, I just want to make sure I get the details down now, because the call booked in pretty quickly. And normally its $500 and I’m calling obviously everybody and offering them the opportunity I’ve offered to you. I just want to make sure you don’t miss out, so was it a Visa or a MasterCard Jen?

Jen: Visa.

Calvin: Visa, great. Details whenever you’re ready.

Jen: 5217-6952, blah blah blah.

Calvin: So thanks so much Jen. I really appreciate that. Look, let me confirm everything for you. I’m going to go ahead and send you an email to [email protected] I’m also going to send you, when I send you that information pack, I’m going to send you the gifts I already said to you about. I’ll send you a booking confirmation for our one-on-one call. That’s normally valued at $500, Jen, just so you know. You’re going to get access to that just for $47. I’ve got all your details down now as well. I’ll send all that out to you. I’ll get everything set up in the system. We’ll be good to go. If there’s any challenge, you need to cancel or confirm, or you need to change anything, just reach out and give me a holler. No dramas there. We work with enough people to know that sometimes things happen in life and we’re cool with that.

So just let me know about that ahead of time but otherwise, I’ll see you at 5:00 pm on Tuesday night. I’m very excited about that. The webinar’s getting started, as you know, on Monday, so it will be a good opportunity for us to check in after that. And Jen, really what I want you to think about is if you could break through the stuck feeling you have in life, if you could get your mojo back, if you could start to be motivated again, well, and that would make a difference in your life, in your relationships, in your health, in your fitness, whatever area of life, my question to you is, what’s that worth to you? Because that’s really what this is about. This is not about a webinar. This is not about a call. This is not about $500 or $47.

This is about you finding that drive again in life. And I know for me, when I lost that drive, it wasn’t a great place to be and I know when I got that back, it’s worth more than all the money in the world. So I know you made the right decision, but I just wanted to let you know that because I think it’s very important that we put it into some perspective because a lot of people go, “Oh, I’ve got to make a decision about a call.” You’re not making a decision about a call. You’re making a decision about the rest of your life. So I look forward to speaking to you in the call, Jen. And all the very best. I’ll speak to you very, very soon, and as I said, if you need anything just feel free to reach out. By phone, or by email, I’ll speak to you super soon. Thanks Jen.

Jen: Thanks. Can you do my calls on my behalf?

Calvin: So a couple of different ways to handle this right? Couple of different ways. You notice with that one I just agreed and I moved on. I just agreed and moved on. And most people, they’ll ask you three times before they’ll just give up. So the actually yes, and move on. It’s like well people say, “Well that’s really expensive,” I know, sign here. “What do you mean?” “I know it’s expensive. Just sign here.” And they go, “Oh, okay.” Because they’re not used to having someone just completely deflect it. Yeah? So there’s a lot of different ways I can do this. I can just do a complete deflect. I can just go, “Yeah, no problems. Awesome.” Move on. Yeah? It’s like move, bitch. Get out the way. I’m not dealing with that objection. The other way you can do it is go, “Yeah sure, Jen. No problems. Happy to send you some stuff. Tell me, Jen, what is it that you’d like me to send you?” So let’s just workshop that a little bit. Jen, yeah, I’m happy to send you some information about it. Just tell me, what is it you’d like me to send you?

Jen: Yeah, okay.

Calvin: No, I’m genuinely asking you this question. So let’s just pretend like we’re workshopping this. So go back. I’ve just told you about the pack and stuff, you go, “Look, can you send me some information and I can let you know about it?” I’ll be, “Yeah, no problems. Happy to send you some information. Jen, what specifically would you like me to send you out in the pack just so I know what to send you?

Jen: I guess what is involved so I know what I’m paying for.

Calvin: So what’s involved, yeah. What else can I send you?

Jen: The pricing.

Calvin: The pricing, okay. So the investment.

Jen: Yeah, and what I will get out of it.

Calvin: And what you’re going to get out of it. Great questions, Jen, by the way. Awesome questions. So what you get out of it, just so I can confirm this, so when I send it all to you, I’ve got it all right. So what’s involved? That’s the first thing. The investment of how much it’s going to cost, and then also what are you going to get out of it as well. Is that right?

Jen: Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. I’d feel more comfortable with that.

Calvin: Yeah, awesome. Okay, well I’m happy to send all of that out to you in your welcome pack. I can actually address all of that with you now. So first and foremost, what’s involved? The webinar that you’ve signed up for, we’re going to go over these five things. One, two…notice I’m slowing my tone, my tempo down? One, two, three, four and five. That’s what you’re going to get on the webinar. I’m also going to send you, Jen, as well, these two documents. And they’re eBooks that you can download. The first one is called Living Your Best Life. And in that, you’re going to understand these things. The second one is called Finding Your Groove Again. And that’s really about if you’re stuck in life, repeating back the predicate that they used, if you’re stuck in life or you feel like you’ve lost momentum, how do you trigger that back again in life. Both very valuable things. We normally sell them for about 20 bucks each. So you’re going to get that. The third thing is part of the VIP pack Jen, is you’re going to get a one-on-one coaching call with me. That call’s going to go for somewhere between 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

And in that call, we’re going to cover a variety of things. I’ll tell you what you’re going to get out of it in a second, but the call itself is going to follow a format, which is looking at where you are now, where do you want to be in 12 months, and then what’s holding you back between those spaces and I’m going to be able to do some break through tools with you one-on-one on the call to help you unlock your full and greatest potential. You get that drive and motivation back. In fact, I guarantee it. That call’s normally worth $500. So for the investment, Jen, this whole pack is worth around about $560. When you add up the webinar, the books, as well as the coaching call, the opportunity for you today is that you can actually join us on this pack for just $47. And really, I’m not even charging you anything for it Jen. But the reason why we have that $47, just so you understand the investment so you can make the best decision possible, is that when people make a decision and join me on calls, some people make a decision and they don’t really make a decision. What they’ll do is they’ll just state a preference, like, “Oh, I’m interested in that.” Well, that’s great, but I promise you if you’re interested in getting your groove back, or if you’re interested in finding your drive and motivation again, it ain’t going to help you.

It’s going to take a commitment, because for a lot of people, they’re committed to being stuck. They’re committed to not having motivation. They’re committed to feeling depressed about themselves. They have pity parties. What I want to work with is people that are committed. So the $47 is really just there to ensure that you actually attend the call, because if I’m going to be giving you my time, I could be making $500 working with one of my private clients. I’m doing it with you because I want to give back. I want to give you the opportunity. So the $47 is really like a booking fee more than anything else.

And it’s like if you go to a fancy restaurant, they’ll ask you to put down $100 or $500, depending on the restaurant of course. That just secures your seat. That’s really what the $47 is. Now the question you asked, which is the best question you asked all day, is what are you going to get out of it. And that really is a question that only you can answer. But what you have told me already is that you feel stuck, is that you don’t feel like you’ve got the motivation and that you’re relationship’s not where you’d like it to be. Well, I can promise you that I’ve been through the same thing.

I was stuck. My relationship wasn’t great, and I didn’t feel like I was motivated, but basically what I’m going to share with you on the webinar in conjunction with the two books I’ll send you and with the one-on-one call, is how you can go from being stuck to feeling like you’re moving towards a goal with purpose. How you can get rid of the feeling of unmotivated and instead becoming inspired and motivated and how to sustain that. And on top of that, we’ll also be able to go deep into understanding why the relationship isn’t working the way you’d like it to. And I can give you some skills and tools and just some frames of reference that will help you navigate that. So my question to you is, is that something that you would find valuable? To be able to find that motivation and drive, to get the edge back, to feel like you’re back in flow with your partner. Is that something that you’d find value in, Jen?

Jen: Yeah, definitely.

Calvin: Fantastic. Beautiful, so what I’ll do, Jen, is I’ll go ahead and send all of that out to you in your welcome pack. I just need to confirm some details from you. So what’s the best email address for me to send all that stuff out to you?

Jen: [email protected]

Calvin: So then, I go through the same process. Email, mobile number, Visa or MasterCard. So what I’ve done is rather than saying, “No I’m not going to send you out an…”, then we’ve got conflict and friction. What I’m in fact doing is I’m just going, “Hey, yes I’m going to send all of that out. What would you like me to send out?” Then I’m eliciting from them what they have, is what’s called their n step or evidence procedure. So some people go, “In order for me to make a decision, I need these things in place.” I go, “Great. What are these things that you need in place?” Because it’s easier for me to match your model of the world than for me to go and change your model of the world. So if you say that you need to know what it is, what am I going to get out of it, and what’s the investment, I go, “Great.”

Why would I send that to you in an email? Because in an email I’m communicating with words. When I’m on the call, I’m communicating with every part of my expression. So I would never send that to you in an email anyway because I’d be defeating the purpose of the actual content. And instead, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go deeper into it. I’m going to understand what it is that you really want. I’m going to give that back to you, confirm I’m going to send it to you in an email so you feel like, “I’m going to get both,” now. I’m already convinced and now I’m going to give you the details. The big thing I want you to remember though, guys. This is the trick. This is, it’s not a trick, but this is like the hack, so to speak, to getting the job done, is that a lot of people…in fact, everybody has already given me their name and their email address and their mobile number. I already have those details. But why would I ask for them again? Why would I ask for their email address? Why would I ask for their mobile number when I already have it?

Jen: Just to reinforce them making that decision.

Calvin: Correct. So what happens is, rather than me going, “Hey, Visa or MasterCard? I want your credit card.” People go, “Well, fuck. I don’t want to give you my credit card the best of times.” Right and it brings all that stuff up. If I go, “What’s the best email address for you Jen?” I’ve already got it on file but this is important, because if they give me a different email address than the one that I got on file, I can quiz them on it just to make sure I got the right one in the first place. Because a lot of people don’t give you their real email address. They give you a email address. But if they’re going to get value, they’ll give you a different email address.

Right? We all have multiple emails. So I confirm the email address. Now I’ve got them in what’s called an agreement frame. So they’re going for the purpose of giving me details that I already know. “Great, email address. Fantastic, let me write that down.” I’m not even writing shit. I’ve already got it. “And tell me, the best mobile number for you? Is it the one that I’m calling you on now? Look, I don’t have that available to me to see it on my phone right now because I’m on my earphones. Can you just tell me what it is?” I’ve got it. I’m looking at it right now. I’m getting them going through the process, though, of giving me information they find easy to give me.

I also ask them to repeat their mobile number so they feel confident giving me numbers and digits, which they are about to do with their credit card number. “So also, and then, just tell me is it a Visa or a MasterCard?” And shut the fuck up at this point. Whoever speaks first after you ask that question at the close, whoever speaks first after that question loses. So Visa or MasterCard. Shut the fuck up. And then you wait. “So Visa? Fantastic.” Because I’m not asking them to give me their credit card details. I’m just asking them which credit card they have. But by doing that, they’ve already agreed to give me, that’s the presupposition. “So Visa? Fantastic. The details whenever you’re ready.”

And then I just write the details down, “Expiry date? Awesome. CSV? Fantastic. So congratulations”, and then I’d just go straight into it, “Congratulations, thanks so much. I really appreciate this. We’re going to have an incredible experience. Allow me to confirm your details. Allow me to confirm everything for you. This is what we’re going to do.” And now I’m painting them a journey. We’re going on this journey together. It’s going to be very exciting. You got the webinar. You got the call. You got the coaching session, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. We’re going to get all of this stuff done and these are the things that I’m going to be able to deliver for you. this is the overall package. This is what I’m going to send out to you.

Do you have any questions? No, awesome. Fantastic. Well let’s get started. Can’t wait. If you need anything, at any stage, feel free to reach out to me via email or via mobile. I am very excited to have you on the journey. And by the way, what we found, Jen is that when we do this process with people around the world, if they do the process and they go through the webinar and the experience with somebody that they know, like a friend, a family, a colleague, a loved one, somebody they have in their social circles, the results go up by like 250%. It’s crazy. And Harvard did some research to say that it can go up to as much as 350% when you’re doing health and fitness if you just have a training buddy.

So my question to you is who would you like to go through the process with? Who’s in your dream team that’s going to support you on this journey because even if they don’t do the webinar and stuff, if they simply just know about what you’re attempting to accomplish and they want to support you, then your chances of going up and becoming more successful increase dramatically. So we always like to ask people, who are three people they have in their corner as part of their dream team. So my question to you is who are the three people in your team?

And then, what I’m now doing is I’m moving into a referral script, where I’m going who are the three people? Awesome. Look, what I’d like to do is I’d like to get their details so I can send them an email about what we’ve talked about today, and I actually want to give them the eBooks as well and invite them to the webinar. They don’t have to come along. There’s no pressure from me. So they think, “Oh, fuck. What if you’re going to pressure them?” No, no, no. No pressure from me. I’m just going to send them a gift to let them know that you’re committed. You want to make some things happen. You want to make some shifts, that we’re working together and so that they can best support you.

I think it obviously helps if they understand the, obviously the webinar, the material I’m going to teach, so they can best facilitate that with you as well. So what was their names and do you have their best either contact number or email address?Either one is fine. So I’m not attached to it. Whichever one they send me doesn’t matter, but if they get an email with their friend’s name in the title, they’re going to click on the email. So I’ll get them either way. Does that makes sense to everybody, guys? Just everybody give me a bit of a heads up in the group. Jen, did that work, babe?

Jen: Yeah. Amazing. So it’s really helpful. Thanks so much. Just one quick question.

Calvin: Oh, sorry Jen. I just muted you. Sorry, one quick question? Go.

Jen: What happens if I can’t take credit card details because I use PayPal? Should I arrange Stripe?

Calvin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s a video inside the membership site regarding Stripe if you want to utilize it.

Jen: Okay, cool. Thanks.

Calvin: No problems. Adios amigos.

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