Turning Suspects To Prospects

Turning Suspects into Prospects

When the average business owner opens up for business, they think that as soon as they open the door people are going to be walking in and buying what they have on offer. Unfortunately for the average Joe, this almost never happens. This is why marketing is so important.

No successful business is ever the best kept secret. But how do we go from having zero clients, to being able to pick and choose to work with the best ones?

When a suspect comes across your website, they probably didn’t find it by accident. They probably saw something that you were putting out into the universe. Online this is usually content in the form of a blog post, video, eBook or webinar. In the real world this could be a free seminar, complimentary treatments, or a free appraisal. They still don’t really know you, but your marketing (disguised as content) has moved you from being Unknown to Known.

If you feed them enough valuable content and they resonate with it, they will start to like you. They already have learned so much from you, and about you. You are creating a well-informed client for the future - The one who knows how you work, how you think and what you can offer. These are the ones who don’t second guess your fees, and who are a dream to work with.

Once they receive so much free value from you, they will begin to trust you and see you as the expert in that field. You have consciously cultivated a fan with great base knowledge, but with a few too many knowledge gaps for them to be able to do it themselves.

Once they trust you, then you can ask for the sale. If you have provided enough value, it will be a no-brainer. The sale may happen straight away or it might take years. Fill them with unbelievable value, take the time for them to trust you, and only then ask for the sale.

We only buy from people that we like.

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