What Do All Young Millionaires Have In Common? It Comes Down To 3 Things

Generation X is different from every generation before it. That being said, Generation X is also different from every generation that will come after it.

We’ve been brought up with a different mindset than our parents and our grandparents. We’ve been surrounded by stories of successful people from childhood to adulthood and we’ve modelled ourselves after them. We are the generation of young business people and entrepreneurs.

Now, take a look at the most successful young business people you know. Inspect their lives. When you really take a look, you’ll notice that they all have 3 important things in common.

1. Fearlessness 

When you’re paving the way, there’s no telling what’s going to be ahead of you. Failure is always an option, but so is success. In some cases, failure is the best example of success. Knowing what your goal is and pursuing it no matter what the cost, is a sure fire way of excelling at anything.

The biggest changemakers in the world were people who didn’t let the fear of the unknown haunt them. How else would anything have been invented? If Benjamin Franklin didn’t stand outside during a lightning storm with a kite and a key, the world would probably be a completely different place today. Now, I don’t know if BenFrank’s mom ever warned him of the potential danger of behind outside during a lightning storm, but if she didn’t, it’s a good thing he didn’t listen!

Our fear is a good thing. It’s a reminder that we’re human with insecurities and faults. It’s also the best emotional driver that we could possibly have. It is self created fuel for overcoming our shit and moving forward in a positive way.

2. The Power of NOW

The most successful people in the world know there’s no better time than now. Especially given the world we live in. We’re used to instant gratification. We want fast service at a restaurant, fast money in our jobs, and fast wifi at home! Why don’t we have the same impatience in our businesses?

What do you gain by waiting another day to really pursue your dreams? You’re never as ready as you think you need to be and you always know more than you think you do.

3. You Know Best

Instincts are a powerful thing. We have them for a reason. By following your instincts, you’re keeping true to yourself. When you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and feel good about the choices you’re making, you’re unconsciously telling yourself that you’re good enough.

Other people’s opinions will be surrounding you every step of the way. You’ll get people who really support you and you’ll get people who want to interject their thoughts on everything you do.

When you pursue greatness, others may not support you, because you represent the courage, strength, and drive they may not have. As Steve Jobs used to say, “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life.”


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