What Was Your I Can Do It Moment

Cal: Hey guys, Cal here from Young And Wildly Successful cruising with @realkimbarrett. Guys, we’re in the car. We’re off to dinner before we meet the beautiful Liliana and Cherish and I just want to record a video for you guys. And be interested to know Kim’s thoughts on this. I’m writing my book at the moment, so if you guys know what I’m talking about, I’m not mentioning any names just yet. But we’re writing the book and it’s an exhausting process.

Cal: But one of the things that I want to incorporate into the book is the first 90 days when you’re getting started in your own business. Because in that first 90 days we went from 0 to $100,000 in 90 days. Kim would have done pretty much the same within his business. And the $100,000 is an irrelevant figure. My point of this video is what’s you’re you-can-do-it moment? Because I think that’s really what you need in the first 90 days of business.

Cal: You need to have a moment in time where you turn around to yourself and you go “Shit, I actually can do this.” And I think, for so many small businesses, I think that the reason why they fail, and Kim’s worked with literally hundreds of thousands of businesses with their marketing. And certainly hundreds of thousands of individuals through the marketing.

Cal: We’ve had the pleasure of now working with over 100,000 people in 64 countries and one of the things that I see is a pattern of behavior is that a lot of business owners, they call themselves business owners, but in reality, they’re actually just business dabblers. They’re actually just playing shop. They’re not actually fully committed to their business. And the reason why they’re not fully committed to their business is because in order to fully commit to your business, you have to have confidence you can produce the result.

Cal: It’s like in order for your team to fully commit to playing the game, you have to feel as though, yeah, you at least have a chance of scoring. Maybe not winning, but at least having a chance of scoring. If their team doesn’t even get the ball, the team’s giving up. And a lot of people never even get the ball. If you’re following this metaphor, and you’re following this conversation, a lot of people never have a moment in their lives, and particularly when deciding in their business, they’re so lost in all the things they can do that they don’t know what you have to do to get the result. They don’t know if they’re winning, they don’t know if they’re losing, and they don’t have an inner confidence that tells them “Shit, I can do this.”

Cal: I’m someone that’s highly confident, and when got started, I didn’t have it either. I remember I was petrified running my first event. And I was so scared I decided to run three events. And I know Kim had challenges getting his business started, Your Social Voice. And there were some challenges there in the beginning because you’re always testing the limits. Because for me, and the same for Kim, when I was working for a guy called Chris Hailwood, I’d been successful working for Chris. I’d helped him build a six figure company. Before Kim started Your Social Voice, you were working for us for how long?

Kim: A year.

Cal: A year?

Kim: Yeah.

Cal: Maybe even a tad over?

Kim: Yeah.

Cal: And had got incredible results for us, but it’s fair to say there’s one thing doing it for yourself, there’s another thing doing it for somebody else. It’s always easier to sell somebody else. I can sell Kim better than I can sell myself. Kim could sell me better than he could sell himself. Because it’s so much easier painting the light and the picture of somebody else. Because you could just talk about all the nice things, rather than the reality of it. So when you’re in the trenches and you’re trying to sell yourself, you’ve got to have that moment of faith and you’ve got to have that moment of confidence. And really the moment of realization that goes “Shit, I actually can do this.”

Cal: I always remember, when we got started and Kim was there, he was one of the guys that was at this program, my very first ever event. We made a couple of thousand dollars, I think it was like eighteen-hundred, two-and-a-half grand. And that was a good moment, but that wasn’t an I-can-do-it moment. Because that was only like 395 bucks and like shit, I’m pretty sure I could hustle someone for 395 dollars.

Cal: But then we ran a program, it was called the Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, and shit, that’s taking us way back. It was over Kim’s birthday weekend, wasn’t it?

Kim: Yeah, weekend before.

Cal: Weekend before Kim’s birthday, 2013. This was a young and wildly successful OG and we ran the event. We had 40 people at the event and on the first day, the Saturday, I did a sales presentation. I always remembered because I’d do the sales presentation with $3000 for this program. Kim stood up, I shat myself on stage because I thought he was leaving the room, he went to the back table to buy the program.

Kim: Buy, just to buy it.

Cal: Just to buy it. Just buy it. And, it was actually $1500, but I was that compelling on stage that he bought, for the full amount, of course we gave him the discount. But on that night, I got twenty people to buy that product at fifteen hundred dollars and I remember making thirty thousand dollars in a day. And to put this into some perspective, now Kim and I would make that in an hour at times. And with one client between us, never mind individually.

Cal: But in that moment, the year before I had made $15,000. I think it was like seventeen and a half to be exact, but I had doubled my entire yearly income in one day. And I remember at the end of that day just going “Holy shit, I can do this.” That was the moment that I realized I could succeed as a speaker, as a trainer, as a peak performance coach. I knew in that moment I could make it happen.

Cal: And I remember calling up Dad that night and telling Dad, it was late by this point, I think it was ten or eleven o’clock. I said “Dad, I’m not coming to work on Monday.” Because I was doing some work for the real estate company at the time. He says “Why not?” I said “I did some $30,000 in sales, Dad, in a day.” He says “Good, don’t come in to work. I don’t want to see you on Monday.” He says “Go out there and make it happen, Cal.”

Cal: And I just remember that moment. And so, I don’t know what your moment is. Kim, what was your moment? With Your Social Voice where you said “Fuck, I can actually do this”?

Kim: I think it was probably my second or third client that we got on board. So we’re going through and the first one, it was pretty much what you had asked, I was already had been given clients.

Cal: Yeah buddy, OG.

Kim: And then we had one other and we got one more. Once we got the next one and we actually were getting results, I go “Well, this is working.” We still question ourselves every campaign we run anyway.

Cal: Always. Always.

Kim: At least right now I go “Well, I know I can do it. There’s got to be some way of me making it happen, I’ve just got to go back to the drawing board.” But when that happened, and that second one came in, and payment cleared for the payment processing facility.

Cal: Ash! And, in the early days, how much was that? How much was that initial client spend? Because I remember Tim started with us at 200 a week to put this into some perspective.

Kim: That client would have been, at that time, $1100 a month.

Cal: Wow. Now you can’t get the man for less than 10k. But back then $1100 a month, holy shit. And that was how long ago?

Kim: That would have been two.

Cal: Two years ago?

Kim: Yeah, two years, yeah. Two years ago.

Cal: So guys, and that’s a brilliant point that Kim just made before hand. And he said that… This is a whole new restaurant. See what happens when you come to Bartwood guys? You see whole new things. Kim made a great point before, and that is you still doubt every campaign. I want you to understand every time we jump on stage, I’m never 100% sure that we’re going to produce the result. And then soon as I step on stage, then I’m in mode, and I know I’m going to produce the result. And as soon as Kim launches the ad.

Cal: But in the process of getting everything ready to launch every campaign. And whatever that campaign is, the sporting campaign, a relationship, a business campaign, a personal development seminar. Whatever it is, you’re always in doubt because the reality is that whilst we’re successful, and whilst we believe in our own hype, and whilst we’re very confident in our own abilities, you’re only as good as your last record.

Cal: And the industry that we play in can change so dramatically, so frequently. What worked yesterday could now no longer work today. And you have to be willing at all times to go back to the drawing board and start afresh. And so I want to encourage you to understand that this self-doubt of going “Holy shit, is this still going to work?” That doesn’t ever leave you. In fact, it keeps you human, it keeps you humble, keeps you feeling the ground. But what you have to learn to do is just to keep backing yourself.

Cal: And in the beginning, you play with small chips. Kim’s talking about playing with $1100 chips, right? In the beginning. Then, that scales up, we’re talking the other day about deals that will do eight mil in the next twelve months. You know, and now we’re playing with bigger chips. Why? Because he’s won, he’s had all of these little wins. Imagine every time you play at the casino of life, you put a chip down and you get a chip back. And maybe you put a chip down you lose a chip. If you keep investing that chip, eventually you get a stack of chips you can put bigger bets on. Doesn’t mean to say you can’t lose the whole stack, but what you’ve learned is how to be able to build it up to that level.

Cal: And I know that if Kim lost it all tomorrow, if I lost it all tomorrow, touch wood that doesn’t happen. We could literally start again. Your Social Voice 2.0. Young and Wildly Successful 2.0. And go back to exactly what we did. And yes we may need a change of strategy, but fundamentally, the learning never leaves us.

Cal: So, coming back to my original point of this video, I want to know in the next 90 days, if you’re getting started in business. If you are starting something from scratch, if you’re approaching a career in sports, for example. Because this could be sport related. If you are entering into a new relationship or if you’re embarking on any new journey. If you’re going to do that, I want you to write down what has to happen in your business, in your life, in any area, or whatever this new area of success is for you, what has to happen in order for you to go “I can do this.”

Cal: What has to happen in order for me to know that I can do this? But it’s only 50,000. We’re hustling the taxi driver right now. No Bob, it’s 50,000 man. Thanks bro.

Cal: What has to happen in order for you to know that you can do this, guys? That’s what I want to know. What’s your I-can-do-this moment? It might be 30,000, it might be 100,000, it might be 200,000. It might be just simply being able to score a goal. Maybe simply getting the acknowledgment of being able to learn the try-out. It might be being able to take the girl of your dreams on a date. I don’t know what it is for you, but what I do know is that you’ve got to get clear on what that moment is. Because once you’re clear on that moment you can go ahead and make it happen.

Cal: Guys, here at the beach in Seminyak with @realkimbarrett. Guys, just want to show you the sunset. It’s absolutely incredible tonight. Just want to encourage you to live strong and live with passion. To make today, guys, and every day, a phenomenal, life-changing adventure. And above all else, you guys know how we finish off these things, like, comment, share, tag, subscribe. Remember guys, wherever you are, to live life on your terms.

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