How to Get a Job Faster than Your Friends or Competition

In a recent YWS webinar, we were lucky to have Gavin Williams share some insights on how you can find a career that you are passionate about and then how you can take your career to the next level.

Gavin is a huge advocate for career development, and has a proven and tested approach for accelerating your career development and gaining the freedom to work both how you and when you choose.

Let’s face it. Traditional methods of job search are not the best.

Only around 10% of the actual job opportunities are found in the traditional ways that we all know about (Seek, indeed, reading the newspaper etc.). And what makes it worse is that everyone is looking at the same thing. This obviously reduces your chances even more-so.

To tap into the hidden job market and get a job faster than the pack, you must utilise some lesser known tactics and use these following steps:


  • 1. Go on Google Maps. Type in whatever career field that you want to play on (Accountant, Lawyer, Ballpoint-Pen Repairman etc.)
  • 2. Search for “Field + Your Location”, and look at the map results. Right click on companies that show up and look at their website. Ask yourself: Is this a place that is going to give me something I value in my career?

3. Do some research on them. During interviews, understand that 70% of the likelihood of you getting the job is based on how well you will fit into the company. Only 20% is given to you if you are actually competent in the role, and the final 10% is based on what the likelihood is that you will be exceptional.

4. Once you find a company that you deem to be a good fit for you, give them a call and use the following script:

“Hi, my name is _____. I am interested in working with (Company). Can you please tell me how you do your recruitment for (field)?”

The reason behind this is that it is a question that is impossible to answer no to. It brings on a conversation. If you do get put through to a decision maker, you need to be prepared to think on your feet.

If they reply with something along the lines of “we’re not hiring”, you have two choices:

You can hang up, or you can reply with “That’s okay, I’m just doing some research. Can I get the contact details anyway?”

Ask the person you are talking to who it is that you address your email to, and find out what their role is.


  • 5. PRO HACK: Then you find that person on LinkedIn. Send them a quick message on LinkedIn and introduce yourself to them and let them know you just applied. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to scratch.
  • 6. FINAL HACK: For Gmail users, in Chrome go to settings>extensions> and click on Sidekick. This great little tool tracks sent emails. When that person opens up your resume in their emails, you will get a notification – THEN you quickly email them straight after the popup up and touch base to see how they have gone with your resume. Now they think you’re a mind reader or maybe it is a sign that you’re the one. The odds of employment stack higher in your favour.