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VIP Gift Pack

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Online Success Academy

You get access to our Online Success Academy for free for the first month - this is usually $97 per month, but you get access for your first month for just $17. This gives you the chance to learn from the world's best professionals in health and many other areas of life too. Access video training and an interactive live forum where you can interact and ask questions with experts! Just a few of the mentors you can learn from are outlined below...

Tyler Tolman - Leading Health Expert

Tyler Tolman has decades of assisting people to heal from many conditions that are deemed incurable by the modern healthcare system. A qualified iridologist and fasting expert, he has also been passed down powerful knowledge from his father, Don Tolman, through his many years of research and application, as well profound wisdom gained from ancient masters who deeply understood what the body needs in order to truly heal.

Michelle Nazaroff - Natural Nutrition

Michelle Nazaroff is as passionate as she is inspirational. Transforming others’ lives as well as her own, Michelle educates and empowers with natural Nutrition and Fitness. A champion natural bodybuilder, Mum and wife Michelle is empowering others with her own story – her journey from hospital bed to healthy.

Kari El Barche - Peak Performance

Karim El Barche is Australia’s leading expert in total body transformation. He has worked with fat loss and transformation experts around the world to develop Australia’s #1 Complete Body Transformation program for young professionals looking to achieve exceptional results. Karim lives and breathes health & fitness and has competed on the international fitness model stage, representing Australia and placing 7th in the world, he also writes monthly for publications such as Men’s Muscle & Health, Ironman magazine and more. Karim is the founder and CEO of Discovery Health & Fitness and is passionate and 100% dedicated to leading the Discovery movement of healthy, happy people to confidence, energy, happiness and success.

Cam Wild - Nutrition

After overcoming his own struggles in the health and fitness industry Cam Wild founded Nufit, now Australia's leading online body transformation company. At the age of 24 Cam is an internationally qualified and published Nutritionist, sought after international speaker, Victorian state fitness & physique competitor and 2015 Antihill "30 under 30 Entrepreneur" of the year nominee!

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