Crafting Your Strategy to Success

Once you have defined what it is that you are trying to achieve, you need to devise a plan on how to get there. Well, unless you don’t actually want to do it.

There is an art to creating a strategy, or a massive action plan. It can be a challenge – especially when you don’t know all the steps (This is where a Mentor comes in). Regardless, it can be done by using these steps below to create your own personal strategy to success:


  1. Start with end in mind

This means you must know exactly what it is that you are trying to do. Are you trying to make $100k online? Are you trying to lose 5kg of fat and put on 2kg of muscle?

What specifically are you going to achieve?


  1. Reverse engineer success

Whatever it is that you are going to do, you must start from the finish and make your way back to the start line. What is the journey you will take to get there?


  1. Follow the path of least resistance

Take the straight road to success. There is no point in fluffing around with meaningless crap and being indirect about your intentions. Be bold and go for it.


  1. Remain focused and aware

In a world of information, it is hard to stay focused. We have a small gap in our schedules and life has a knack of trying to squeeze itself into it. With so much going on, It is easy to fall off the wagon and forget about what your end goal is. This is why you need to remind yourself – daily. Even multiple times a day will fire you up and realign your actions. Put your why and your goals up on a big piece of paper on the wall and focus on it in the morning. Write in a journal and write down what your goals are, the reason why it is important to you and the steps you will take today to ruthlessly move toward it.

Stay focused and be aware of what tries to hold you back. Where do you tend to lose focus, what happens before you go off the rails? What happens before you become super motivated and pumped up? Awareness of what precedes your emotions will lead to greater control of them.


  1. Execute with behavioural flexibility.

Here is some quick maths:

1+3= 4




Notice how many ways there are to get to the number 4? Well the same is for your success. There are a million ways to make a million dollars. Don’t get caught up on doing just the one thing to get to your success. Obviously, if something is working you need to keep on doing it. But when it stops working, or when you find what you are doing is not working, change the behaviour and find another route to the destination.

Be flexible, and focus on the end prize.

Take the time to get this down pat and craft your strategy to success. The rabbit might seem faster, but the tortoise wins the race.