7 Basic Principles of Health with Tyler Tolman

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. You could have all the money and success in the world, but if you are sick or are in a state of “Dis-Ease”, you can’t use any of it.

What is also important to understand, is that whether you are sick or you are healthy – it is your fault. So before you go passing the buck and blaming someone else for your health (or lack thereof), just remember that what enters your body is your choice. BUT – most of the issues lie where we simply don’t know what to put in our mouth. Mainstream media is trying to sell us the latest BS magical pill or fad diet to achieve “ripped abs in only 5 minutes per day”, and they will obviously use biased information to sell it to you. The health and fitness industry is a field of landmines designed to make money, not necessarily to make you healthy. Then you’ve got the medical and pharmaceutical industry putting out fires with pills and symptom blockers – rather than focusing on the actual cause itself.

But not all hope is lost; enter Tyler Tolman:

Tyler Tolman is an expert in all things health and nutrition. At the age of 12 he spent months living with his father on his 200-acre farm. Tyler’s father would hold retreats for groups of people to teach them about how the body is a temple and how they needed to take better care of it. Tyler saw firsthand the change in the people on the retreats. They became healthier, and he even witnessed how some of them overcame their illnesses such as diabetes and osteoporosis through applying the principles that his father taught them.

This started a journey of discovery for Tyler, and now he helps people lead a happy life that is free from disease.

Here are 7 basic principles of health, of which you can apply today to increase the wellbeing of your most important asset.




Breathe again, but deeper.

Yes, breathing quality air deep into your lungs is important. Our bodies thrive on the stuff (duh), and it is a key element in the production of ATP (energy). Most of us unconsciously have a very shallow breath, and when combined with our environments which can be polluted with toxins such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde you can see why we struggle with health.

Pro-Tip: Fill your environment with plants such as Peace-Lily’s and Eureka Palms to not only filter out these airborne toxins, but the colour green has been shown to help us relax and breathe deeper.



Clean H2O is hard to come by unless you invest in a reverse osmosis system installed in your house, but you can easily clear out the Chlorine and Fluoride in our water supply with a filter. Chlorine, while good for removing bad bacteria, is also good at removing the good bacteria in our digestive system as well. That, and it was used to kill people in the Vietnam War.

Pro-Tip: Drink 1 litre of water per 22kg of bodyweight every day.




Obviously going overboard with the tanning is not the best for us, but Vitamin D from the sun is extremely important for a healthy body.


Pro-Tip: Don’t be afraid to gradually get a healthy tan – The old, sun-abusing lady that looks like an old handbag looks that way due to a life of poor nutrition, lack of water and the lifetime of smoking cigarettes.





You don’t need to be an athlete to live a healthy life. And we’re not exactly blowing your mind with new knowledge by letting you know that exercise has been shown an infinite number of times to bring on a host of health benefits such as boosting creativity, reducing anxiety and also reducing depression.


Pro-Tip: Walk for 45 minutes 4-5 times per week, and listen to an Audiobook to grow your mind as well.


Eat Wholefoods


You can’t beat the real stuff. Eat as much plant matter as you can, and eat a diverse range of colours too. Skip the processed foods that are artificial and unnatural. Fruits, nuts, seeds are simply delicious and unbelievably good for you.


Pro-Tip: Tyler has an amazing product called Pulse, which we at YWS wholeheartedly recommend.





I know what you’re thinking – Not a food, right? Well actually, a positive relationship that is supporting of you through growth is extremely nourishing. Are you in a relationship where you are supporting each other or is it highly toxic where you are constantly screaming at one another?


Pro-Tip: A relationship is a reflection of where we’re at, with our relationships with ourselves. Ultimately it comes down to what you tell yourself, and if you actually love yourself. If you truly did – you wouldn’t put up with a toxic partner, now would you? Opt for a relation-SHIP rather than a relation-SHIT, and love thyself first.





Are you passionate? Are you “Passing Ions” – Are you giving energy? Having passion and a hunger for life in itself will help you to become healthy. Think about it, if you’re passionate about achieving something big, juicy and meaningful, you need the right nutrition to fuel your body to get there. You can’t run on empty for too long.


Pro-Tip: Find what you are passionate about and do more of it.


So there we have the 7 Basic Principles of Health from Tyler Tolman himself. Start by developing these principles into small daily habits, and over time you will notice your health and overall life improve immensely.


You can find out more about Tyler Tolman by checking out his website http://www.tylertolman.com/