How To Build An Attraction Business?

Hey, guys, Calvin here from Young and Wildly Successful. Hope you’re having a fantastic day. Just driving back from a couple of meetings today in the city, so I wanted to record a quick video for everybody about how to build an attraction business. If there’s one thing that I get asked again and again and again, is how to go out there and build a business where people come to you, rather than you having to go to people all the time. There was really a moment where we hit momentum. It was probably at the end of last year, where we really started to get a lot of that. I mean, we had people messaging us before. You know, we were getting quite a few requests a day to do our trainings and our programs. I just want to share something with you. If you go to my Facebook page, you’ll see a post. There was a post, which is something like, “Stop standing in the shadows, ” or “Stop playing small. Let’s grow your business in 2016.” On that post, there’s only a couple of comments, but from that post, we had 18 people message me within the space of three days to come along and join our 15/15 coaching program. Now, if you’re not familiar with 15/15, the name pretty much explains it. It’s 15 clients in 15 days, and we guarantee the results. Now, we’ve had all of those people, everyone that registered, everyone that messaged me, have all decided to come and join us in 15/15. And so that was $500 per person, 18 people, you do the math. It’s $9K in three days. Now, I haven’t marketed that online training. I haven’t put any ads behind it or any money. In fact, the marketing’s just starting today. But in one post, that generated $9,000 in revenue. Now, our average client is worth somewhere in the vicinity of about $10,000 to $11,000. So you add on the 18 new clients and you do the math on that, that’s nearly $200,000. Now, I share this with you because I want you to understand something. It’s not about our numbers in the business or even about your numbers in the business, but what it is about is, what’s the process to get to that point? Because we started two years ago. You might be just starting up fresh in 2016, or maybe you started last year or maybe a couple of years before, but haven’t really hit that momentum yet. The secret to hitting that momentum comes down to three things. I’m going to share them on this video. The first thing is trust, the second thing is consistency, and the third thing is value. And they really go hand-in-hand. First thing is trust. In order for you to put a post out on Facebook and help people and have people register and respond and want to be involved, it means that they trust me; it means that they trust the results we’re able to produce, and it means that they’ve been able to build that. And trust doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t matter how much you think you’re great or even how many people online think that you’re great. Unless people feel as though you are somebody that cares about them, unless people feel that you are somebody that will go the extra mile, unless people feel like you are someone that they can work with, they’re not gonna trust you. And there’s a lot of great operators out there, but there’s a lot of great operators that aren’t getting the same level of business because people just don’t resonate. And I’m sure you’ve seen this on Facebook, where people are putting out regular content, but you don’t resonate with them or maybe they don’t resonate with you. It’s really important that people trust you. That’s very important. How to build trust? Very simply, be yourself. You’ll see some of our videos, and I’ll do a variety of different videos, but there’s a common theme. We’ve been doing video marketing now since July of 2014, so 2014, 2015, and now 2016. So we’ve been doing it for two, two and a half years now, and so people have seen that work for a while and they can see that there’s some trust there because there’s common threads and themes. Anyone can be good on one video, but can you do 1,000 videos and all have the same sort of message and impact and meaning? So the next part of the puzzle is consistency. I see a lot of people get very excited, had a rush of blood to their head. They [inaudible 00:03:40] instead of a podcast or a YouTube channel or something of that nature, and they’ll start doing all of this content. And then it drops away because it’s not a ritual for them. We consistently produce content. If you check out our Facebook page, today’s the 11 of January, there will be at least five videos or posts educating our marketplace. Last year, we produced more than three pieces of content a day, three pieces of content a day, whether it be a video or blog or an online training of some form to educate and inspire people. So consistency’s very, very important. I can’t tell you how many people message me and say, “Calvin, I’ve been following you for the last 18 months, last two years, last two and a half years. I’ve seen your journey. I’d like to be involved.” Now, why were those people not involved in the beginning? Because they didn’t trust me, and I wasn’t consistent. I was just getting started. So you’ve got to build that consistency. My rule of thumb is this: if you’re looking for consistency and you’re looking to build value for your clientele, to therefore be able to have an attraction business, then it comes to the next piece, which is about value. And it comes down to creating value people trust and also that’s consistent. What’s the rule of thumb? Look at your closest competitor. Your closest competitor could be me. Your closest competitor could be somebody else in the marketplace, depending on what you’re offering. But look at your closest competitor. Find out how much content they’re providing for free every single week. And free content involves blogs and videos. So, how much free content they provide every week, and then times that number by three. So if they do three pieces of content a week, do nine pieces. If they do 5, do 15. If they do 10, do 30. Now, you might say, “Well, Calvin, that’s a lot of work to do it for free.” It is a lot of work, but when you’re doing a lot of work for free, people come to you automatically and you don’t have to market. It’s its own form of marketing. It’s a slower burn strategy, but it’s something that produces a great result. Because it means, if I have no money in the accounts and I didn’t have anything but a brand reputation and name, and I put that post out on Facebook to help people, there’s $9,000. And by they way, I’ve only done that for three days. If I keep doing that for a whole year, you see what happens. But if I just did that for three days every month, $9,000 a month, you do the math. That’s $100,000 a year business. That’s worth more than what most people are looking to make. Now, if you’re wanting to build great traction, you want to be providing valuable content every day. So minimum, one piece of content a day, five pieces, five days a week. Something interesting, something about their dreams, their aspirations, their fears, their challenges. Something that would help them, something that would inspire them, something that actually teaches them something, i.e. , this video. I’m not just saying go out there and create an attraction business, I’m giving you some steps along the way. So, providing value. That’s really important. Do that every single day, five days a week. Now, it’s crazy to think that you’re only going to be able to do five pieces of content every single day of the week, because life is full of missed opportunities but it’s also full of a huge variety of challenges in our schedule. And it was once said that, “If you don’t put your priorities in your schedule, somebody else will put their priorities in your schedule.” So what we do at Young and Wildly Successful is that I’ll have my team go out there and prepare the content for me. Obviously, these videos that I do are very much off the cuff. I have an idea, I have a moment of inspiration, I record it for you right then and there. And I trust that when I have the idea, the idea comes up and I put it out. Some weeks, I put five videos out. Some weeks, I might put one. Some weeks, I might put none. But consistently, because we don’t release them all at the same time, they all get released. When I go on holidays, for example… I’m going away to Bali in a couple of weeks’ time. In fact, I’m about to leave on Wednesday for Queensland. I’ll be recording some videos. I’ve got videos from last year in August in Bali that I recorded that I haven’t released yet. I’ve got videos from Europe in June, July last year that I haven’t released yet because we’ve got so many videos, I can’t release them all at the same time. So in the book “The 4 Hour Work Week, ” by Tim Ferriss, he talks about this concept called batching. So rather than trying to do a month’s content, which would be, in total, 20 pieces of content over four weeks, instead, why not allocate two days at the beginning of the month and write all your blogs, do all your videos, and it’s done? You don’t have to worry about it again. And just have your team schedule it so it goes out, or you schedule it so it goes out. That’s one way of tackling the problem. Because for some people, they actually have the natural impetus to produce content, so they do it. Some people, though, it’s a struggle, so I’m encouraging you to batch and get in the mindset of content creation, and put it out there. Once you’re doing that and you’re doing that consistently, it’s about just putting a good faith behind it. To go to the next level, is I’d actually encourage you to promote the content for free. So you’re actually not asking anybody for anything. No opt-ins required, no offer, no sale, just free content. But put some money behind it, click Boost Post. It’s not a strategy at all I would recommend, because I recommend [inaudible 00:08:05] posts and all the rest of it, and you can share [inaudible 00:08:07] for that. But at the very least, you’re putting out free content, and you’re paying for people to be able to see it. Now, most people go, “Well, why would I pay to have my free content go away? I’m not gonna get anything back.” Yes, you’re right. You’re not gonna get anything back immediately, but people are gonna see it, people are gonna respond. And over a period of a year or two years, you’re gonna build a great business. Now, if you produce five pieces of content a week and you do that 52 weeks, that is 250 pieces of content over the course of the year. You tell me, right now, if you produced 250 pieces of valuable content, blogs, and videos, that your market’s not gonna go bonanzas for that, that you’re not gonna have people going wild of seeing this stuff you put out. “I love it. Can I be more involved?” It’s the easiest way of being able to generate sales, but it’s the one that takes consistent effort. That’s why no one is willing to do it. That’s how easy it is to stand out in this industry. I message my business mastery client. These are clients that pay us $30,000 a year for coaching. And I shared with him the fact that, on the 4th of January, I’d already provided more content to my market than what my closest competitor will do for the entirety of January. Now, this video just takes me beyond the stratosphere, and we haven’t even got started yet, guys. So I want you to understand, you win this game by outworking the people around you, but also by out-creating the people around you. Instead of spending time on Facebook checking what other people are doing, go out there and create your own courses, your own trainings, your own promotion. Give it away for free to get testimonials and build good will and traction and support, because then when you release a product, you’ve got raving fans. Guys, that’s it on this video. I just wanted to teach you the principles behind it. How long is this gonna take? Well, it’s up to you, but I’d say it’s gonna take at least 10 to 12 months of consistent value and effort to be able to make it happen. If anyone told you something otherwise, it’s a get-rich-quick scheme and it’s a load of rubbish. But it took me two and a half years to get to where we are today. We can show you how to get there faster, but that’s the simple principles. It’s not sexy, but it’s important. Put a piece of content out every single day of the week, five days a week, for at least 12 months, and you’ll have an attraction business. And if it’s really good quality content, you’ll probably get there quicker. And if that’s of value to you, please comment, like, and share, and tell people about us. But until I see you at a training or a live event, maybe an online course, live strong, live with passion. Make today, guys, and every day a phenomenal life-changing adventure. And above all else, learn to live life on your terms.

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