How to Deal with Stress at Work

Hey, Facebook Live. Here in Bali at the airport, guys, just about to jump on a plane. Hope you guys are rocking it. Just want to do a quick video. I’ve got you tickets to the upcoming event, The Shift. We’ve got, I think of last count I spoke to Kim Barrett, we have over 250 people registered. We’re aiming to hit 300 people for the event which is very exciting. It’s going to be one of the biggest events we’ve done in WA. In fact, it’ll be the biggest event we’ve done in WA. Not the biggest events we’ve done total, but the biggest event we’ve done in WA.

So if you guys, if you’re watching and you’re in WA, on the headline link above, you’re going to get all the information that you need about The Shift. It’s going to be an incredible two days. Two days of just massive content. Absolutely free. An opportunity for you to come on board. And day one is all about personal development. So day one’s about mastering personal growth. It’s about you guys stepping up in a big way. It’s about looking at overcoming any limiting beliefs, looking at what the secrets of success are, looking at how to be able to achieve things and also remain fulfilled.

Because a lot of times when we’re a high achiever, or entrepreneur, or even just if you’re climbing the corporate ladder, we have a lot of success in our lives, but we’re not particularly fulfilled because we always feel like there’s just something more, or, “When I achieve X, then I’ll be happy. Then I’ll be successful. Then I’ll be fulfilled. Then I’ll be joyous.” When in fact, it’s the complete reverse. We need to focus on going, “How can I feel those things right now, and then manifest the success that I’m looking for in a materialistic way?”

So we’re going to be covering a lot of that content. We’re looking at the mindset of people for once. We’re also going to be covering as well how to deal with stress, pressure, and anxiety, things that nearly everyone on the planet’s dealing with today, particularly in the Western world. So if you’re in WA or if you’re not and you want to fly over, it’d definitely be worth your time. Two massive fricking days, guys. But day one’s all around personal growth. Day two is all around business strategy, about business growth, about setting up a business from scratch, scaling it to 100,000 and scaling it to a million dollars.

And we’ve got not only myself going in and talking about how to build a business, but also as well talking about strategy. We’re bringing Kim Barrett from “At Your Social Voice,” and also have the real Kim Barrett on Snapchat and Instagram. Kim’s going to be talking about marketing, digital marketing, how to be able to create raving fans online, how to be able to get your business set up using digital marketing, particularly Facebook marketing to succeed. Then we’ve also got Julian Pace from “Setting the Pace.”

Jules is going to be talking about leadership, peak performance culture, how to hire and fire, how to get the right people on the bus, and how to be able to move forward with success. So, so much on offer, guys, over the two days. But I want to open up for any questions or any comments. Unfortunately, if you’re not in Perth, we’re not going to be running it outside of Perth at this stage. We will be running it later in the year around Australia. The first one we’re just going to run in Perth, but if you guys have any questions, let me know by posting it in the comment section below because I’m happy to do a bit of Q&A for anyone that might be interested.

If you’re not there and you’re not in WA, then we’re going to be looking at live streaming parts of it. Obviously, we can’t live stream the entire component but live streaming parts of the program over the course of two days as well. But if there’s something particular, let’s say you can’t join us but let’s say you’re in Melbourne, or you’re in Sydney, or you’re in Brisbane, or if you’re in London, or Ireland, or United States, California, New York, if there’s something particular you’d like us to cover or you have a burning question right now that you want to be able to make that shift, then let’s use this opportunity now before I jump on a plane to go through those things.

What’s the one thing holding you back from your mindset? What’s the one thing holding you back from being able to grow your business? What’s that shift that we can make right now? Because look, I’ve got time before I jump on the plane. And you’ve got me for the next, oh, 10, 15 minutes before the flight goes. What’s the one thing, guys, that is holding you back that you’re looking to be able to make a shift in? Or maybe there’s a problem or challenge you’re dealing with.

So check up in the question section. Jacob’s just asked, “What’s the date?” The date’s for this coming weekend. So it’s the 27th and 28th of February in WA, 27th and 28th of February, Saturday, Sunday all day. Saturday’s all around personal growth. And Mick just asked, “What’s the date?” Saturday, Sunday this week we’re in Perth, 27th and 28th. This Saturday is all around personal growth and making the shift personally in our personal lives, and Sunday’s all around business strategy and making the shift in our businesses on Sunday.

We’re going to be looking at marketing, leadership, team, people forming strategy, sales on Sunday. Personal development, we’re looking at limiting beliefs, mindsets, looking at accelerating your success, around creating dream teams, getting out of our own way, dealing with self-sabotage and breaking through those things, setting goals and giving you the blueprint to be able to achieve those goals. So, so much we’re going to cover. I haven’t had the opportunity to do a two-day live event for free to the public in three years.

It’s how we got started and it’s something that I really love. We just have been so busy with all the backend trainings, and seminars, and courses, I haven’t actually been able to do that. But I’m very excited to be able to offer it now and so pumped to be able to have you guys on board. But guys, here’s your opportunity. I’m just about to jump on the call, sorry, just about to jump on the plane. I think people are now queuing up. Yeah, there’s a bit of movement happening. So any questions, guys? No, doesn’t have to be about The Shift.

But let’s say you can’t make it. What’s one thing that I can help you with right now to help you make that shift in your life, in your business, in your personal lives? You’re on the call so post up into the question section. What’s one thing that I can do right now? What’s one thing you’re struggling with that you’d like me to help you work through? Now, you’ve got me. So go ahead. Let me know. What’s one thing? While you ask those questions, I’m going to sip on my ristretto. Boom. That’s good. That’s good.

Need some water. Guys, post up. I know there’s a bit of a lag, unfortunately, with the Wi-Fi here in Bali. I’m sure we’ll get a heap of things come through in a little bit. But my question is what’s one thing right now that you’re dealing with that you need a shift in? What’s one thing you’re dealing with right now, personally or professionally, that I can help you with? Help you take things to the next level. You’ve got me for probably another three minutes before I have to jump on the plane. So let me know.

Hey, Anthony. Hey Kristie. Hey, Tali. Hey, Colin. Hey, Jacob. Hey, Mick. Hope you guys are doing well. Guys, post up. I want to know. You’ve got me for another two and a half minutes. Quickly. Post up. What’s the one thing you’re dealing with right now? What’s one challenge, one struggle, one problem, or even one thing that’s going well that you want to be able to accelerate even more? I want to know. What is the one thing that you’re looking to shift in 2016? What’s the one thing you’re looking to shift in 2016? What’s one thing you’re struggling right now in 2016?

What’s one area of your life that you wish you were more successful in right now in 2016? Let me know. Unfortunately, guys, I’m going to have to jump. The cabin crew are calling me in. So post below and I’ll answer them. I’ll ask them, answer them, sorry, via text message. Let me know, guys. What’s the one thing you’re dealing with that we can answer? We’ll be live streaming from Perth this weekend. So make sure you get there. Share this with a tag comment. Share with a friend. Somebody that’s looking to take their business life to the next level.

I hope you guys are doing super well in the airport. How do you deal with stress at work? Just I’ll answer this while I’m waiting in the queue. Jacob asked, “How do you deal with stress at work?” Great question, Jacob. One of the big things I think is understanding that we can create a lot of our own stress when we don’t need to. So if you’ve got stress and you’re dealing with stress at work, then that’s awesome. Get my bag searched. My boy’s on Facebook Live Stream, doesn’t even realize. So how do you deal with stress at work?

One is that you create a lot of stress in your lives and in work particularly because we don’t have a time and energy management system. So if we have a time and energy management system, what that allows us to do is to be able to go, “Okay, cool. What are my priorities?” And in fact, there’s a great book to read which is called “Extreme Ownership” by the Navy SEALs. And in that book, they talk about the importance of prioritize and execute. Prioritize and execute. And so, if you deal with stress, one is about making sure you have a clear plan.

One is making sure that you prioritize and execute that plan effectively. If you have a plan and you know you’re working towards it, you tend not to get as stressed if you have no plan at all. So that’s very important. The other thing as well is to make sure you have a daily ritual for success. And that means exercising. You want to make sure you move your body when you’re stressed because otherwise, it builds up. And I know I get more stressed if I haven’t trained for a while. Make sure you’re drinking and eating healthy foods. It’s very, very important as well. And having someone to soundboard off as well makes a massive difference. So being able to just talk to somebody makes a really big difference, guys. So there’s some of the key things that I would…

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