How To Complete This Course



The course contains audios, videos, a manual, some handouts and some demonstrations.  As you go along the course each audio and video will refer you to a certain section of the manual.  The manual can be found on the "downloads" tab. You can download the entire manual and print a hard copy for yourself right away, or refer to pulling it up online in the "downloads" tab each time you need to reference it.  Follow the steps below and live life on your terms!


1) Course Manual: You may download the entire MANUAL by clicking on the "DOWNLOADS" TAB in this membership site.  Or you may simply follow along through the course by referring to the manual when needed by pulling it up online on the same "DOWNLOADS" TAB. 2) Where to begin the course: Begin the course by clicking on the "COURSE MODULES" TAB.  Here you will see a drop down menu with each SESSION.  You need to take each session sequentially in order.  First you will find a brief description of the session, and the video.  Once you have watched the video we suggest that you listen to the corresponding audios three times through. 3) Audios: You are welcome to download the audios, but not the videos.  We suggest you listen to the audios 3 times each as that reinforces the training.  You may download the audios to your computer, burn then to CDs to listen to in your car, IPOD, MP3 player, or whatever electronic device you choose. **To access the audios click the tab at the top and access them through sound cloud.   4) Communicate with other members: We suggest that you join our Facebook group.  Here we have many other members in the community posting helpful information about the course.  To join facebook click the facebook image on each module page. 6)  Where to find support: Support can be found through our facebook group or by reaching out via email to [email protected] . RECAP.....

  •  Watch the first video in the COURSE MODULES tab in folder titled SESSION ONE
  • Listen to the corresponding audios in each folder titled SESSION - 3 times through.  These will set the tone of the training for you.  You will then listen to each audio and watch each video in order of session number  through out the course
  • Go to the Downloads tab to download your Manual.  You can either pull it up each time from the site, or print out a hard copy for yourself.  (Note:  The Downloads tab is where you will later find a copy of the Test to complete when you are finished with the course).
  • Utilise the Facebook to communicate with other members.  You may share your contact details with other members at your own discretion. 
  • BELOW ARE SUGGESTED ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TO REINFORCE WHAT YOU LEARN.  They are not required to complete the certification or the course itself.
  • Post comments, suggestions or questions for assistance from other community members in the Facebook group.  You can change the type of post to a comment, suggestion or question in these groups.