Making Money Without Feeling The Guilt

It happens to everyone. You have goals, dreams, and ambitions. You want to make something of yourself. You want to grow a business that’s all your own. You dream of your bank account literally overflowing - the bank throws you parties every time you enter the store. You dream of success where you’re driving the fancy car you’ve always wanted while the wind blows through your hair. You look over to the passenger side of the car and your gorgeous lover is sitting next to you with love in their eyes.

But wait a second. What’s happening? The love in their eyes is slowly changing. Your lover is changing, molding into something else. Before you know it, where your beautiful lover once was, is now a pile of grey sludge. You recognize it instantly - guilt.

The modern society has two ways of looking at money.

There’s the driven, goal oriented way of looking at money. This is where you’re expecting money to come to you because you know you deserve it. You work hard, you play hard, and you understand the value of time.

And then there’s the opposite. The scared, unworthy way of looking at money. The feeling of guilt every time someone pays you. The small voice in the pack of your head that screams “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCEPT THIS MONEY. IT’S NOT RIGHT”. But, not right according to whom?

Most people look at money with the second viewpoint. Maybe you grew up in a household where having extra money to spend wasn’t something that you ever experienced, so the idea of having extra funds is something you can’t wrap your head around. Maybe you once had money to spend and then something happened where you lost it all and now you’re worried it’ll happen again.

Whatever the case may be, there are ways to overcome that money guilt. Here are three ways to make the money without feeling the guilt.


This is something that a lot of people struggle with. They think their goods or services aren’t worth the money they’re asking, or when someone inquires about using their goods or services, they’re too shy to ask for what they really want to charge and ask for less. But doing that, you’re unknowingly devaluing yourself and what you have to offer. By knowing what your worth is, and charging it, you’re doing yourself a true favor.


So many people are held back by the quality of their product. They don’t feel anyone will want what they’re offering, and if they do, they’ll be disappointed afterwards. When you go into a business meeting or presenting to a potential client, and you have the energy of “you’re not going to be satisfied with what I’m offering”, they’ll be able to feel that.

Have faith that your product will speak for itself and have the assumption that everyone will love it.

3. BE A BO$$

Now, what does this mean? Being a BO$$ basically means being the leader that runs the sh*t. We just replaced the two S’s with dollar signs to remind you that being in charge and running the business is your position and you deserve the money and reward that comes with it. You can handle anything. You’re entitled to everything. You are the one who calls the shots. You’re in charge. Why? Because you’re a BO$$. Easy.


Feeling guilty over money is a feeling that can be mastered and eliminated. By knowing what your worth is, the quality of your product, and that you are deserving of rewards and praise, guilt will be a thing of the past. A distant memory. A fairy tale you’ll someday tell your kids about.


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