Mentors – Do you need one?


Hypothetical situation:

You get into your car and drive it towards your destination. You know the map, and you get there pretty efficiently. Your experience in driving and navigation in that particular part of your world has allowed you to be successful in getting towards that chosen destination.

But what happens when you don’t know the map?

What happens when the only thing that you know is where you are right now (Point A) and where you want to be (Point B)?

When we don’t know the map, or the terrain ahead, we need to seek help from someone or something else. Well either that, or we can just #YOLO it and hope for the best.

Taking the #YOLO option usually ends in significant frustration and wasted resources – such as money and time. So it would be smart to invest in something to help you get there, right?

We could purchase a map and use it to help get us there. It will work, but it will probably involve a few wrong turns, and a bit of time sat on the side of the road figuring the rest of the route out.

Alternatively, we could invest in a GPS. A navigation system that will guide you on every step of the way. Turn left here, stay on this road for 16.5km, take the 3rd exit on this roundabout etc. You literally just have to drive, and you are guided there. We are lucky to have inbuilt navigation in our smartphones, so all you need to do is turn it on and go.

But what if point B was a particular goal you wanted to reach in another area of life – like your business?

Of course, you could #YOLO it and figure it out on your own. This tends to cost the most in the valuable resources called money and time. Or you could buy a map – we call these books, programs and other low cost courses to show you how to get there. You still need to tailor the program to your particular journey, so it might involve a bit of time sat on the sidelines tweaking the plan.

Or, you can step up and invest in yourself at a higher level and find a mentor. Work with the person who has taken that particular journey hundreds of times and will show you the way. This will involve investing the resource of money, but you will save the most important resource – Time. And most times, you’ll end up saving money in the long run, and if the destination you wanted to get to is in the realm of business, the investment will pay for itself – and then some.

So if you don’t know how to get to the Point B, then yes, you need a mentor. If you don’t actually know what your Point B is, then you need a mentor. The two options are to buy a map (Read books, take courses, ask around) or you can invest in a GPS (Get a Mentor).

The only time you don’t need a mentor, is when you don’t want to achieve anything new.