30 Days of Greatness- Day 4 Michael Jordan

May 4. 2014

Day 3 of 30 Days of Greatness. Today Michael Jordan

Regarded as the greatest basketball player who has ever lived. Michael Jordan is a symbol of competitive drive, the will to win and doing what ever it takes to be the best!

30 Biggest lessons from Michael Jordan

  1. Don’t be afraid to try

  2. You never succeed without the possibility of failure.

  3. The inner confidence you need to have to take that chance

  4. Failure gave me strength

  5. My game is built on fire not flash

  6. Work on your game ever single day

  7. Do not let to opportunity of failure stop you!

  8. Sometimes all you need is a shot to show you that you can play at the highest level, that you’re better than what people think, that you born to do this.

  9. Sports is a tool that teaches you.

  10. Compete agains yourself!My competitive drive is greater than anyone else!

    1. Someone once asked: Who’s your favourite athlete to play against? Myself, once you reach a certain pinnacle you have to push yourself to keep going and keep striving for something else.

  11. Just do what you’re good @

  12. When asked what’s the hardest part of the game the physical or mental part of your game? The mental part is the hardest, it separates the good players from the great players!

  13. Let your game do the talking! Let your results be your promotional tool!

  14. Be true to the game, the game will be true to you!

  15. Don’t try shortcut the life!

  16. Have mentors- He was heavily influenced by greatest before him and Walter Davis, Dr J, David Thomson were among the many who shaped his game

  17. Lots of guys have strength and skill, but only Michael has this level of artistry!

  18. His presence galvanised his team mates and the court

  19. The best defence is a great offence. “When I play defence, I want to break down my opponent mentally, not just the player I’m guarding but every player on the opposite team to think about me, be watching over his shoulder wondering where I am.”

  20. Hi mother and father both worked 2 jobs- he learned from them what it meant to work hard!

  21. His biggest influence was his older brother in basketball, he always wanted to beat him, because if he could beat him, he could beat anybody!

  22. He relied on an support system to keep him going, from his family, friends and team mates.

  23. Never be complacent!

  24. There are always improvements that can be made. You’ve never reached your best!

  25. His expectations on his team were gruelling on his team mates.

  26. His obsession with winning resulted in a gambling addiction and adultery.

  27. He was dropped fro his high school basketball team. He used that pain to push himself forward.

  28. His expectation on himself where higher than anyone else, he was more demanding, more competitive and more driven that anyone else he’s ever met.

  29. Never play down to your level of competition.

  30. Once he stepped onto the court nothing else mattered.

  31. Always be more prepared that the competition

  32. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

  33. Turn your weaknesses into strength! Never be satisfied!

Below is a short list of his accomplishments!


Calvin “MJ” Coyles


MJ Greatness