Y&WS New Year’s Resolution Part 7: Its Not Over Till I Win

Today we look at having a mindset of a champion - It’s Not Over Till I Win!

It’s not over till I Win is a mindset for success,

It’s not just something you stick on your computer,

It’s not just an affirmation you say in the shower,


Repeat after me…

Persistence beats resistance

Persistence beats resistance

Persistence beats resistance

Story 1: Les Brown

Born into an abandoned building, labeled educable mentally retarded, put down in the 3rd grade and the 5th grade.

Dream of becoming a DJ on the Radio

See how he overcame adversity: http://youtu.be/MhfB0F38Q90

Story 2: Soichiro Honda

1938 Took everything he owned to develop a new piston ring

Toyota wouldn’t accept so he went back to the drawing board, back to school and developed a new piston ring.

2 years Toyota gave Honda the Contract!

Problem: WAR! No concrete to build the factory

ITOTIW: Had his engineers developed their factory,

Problem: During the war he was bombed twice. Earth quake levelled his factory,

INOTIW: Sold it to Toyota

Problem: Fuel $$ went through the roof,

INOTIW: Motorises bike

Problem: No Capital

INOTIW: Hand wrote a letter to 18,000 cycle stores throughout japan & convinced 5,000 stores to give him the funds.

Today: 100,000 people one of the biggest of car manufactures in the world!

Story 3: Rocky
























































































































































































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