Do You Have Vision?


It is the ultimate outcome that is seeking to be attained. It is the final destination and the end of your journey.

Most people don’t know what their final destination is. Most people will set some small goals and try to reach them. Only to find that they never reach them because another goal was set in another direction. Oh which that was failed, too. You see goals are merely the markers, or the waypoints toward your vision.

Too often we set out with the intentions of making a difference, when we don’t really know what that difference will ultimately mean. We might have a picture in mind, which is good, but to really get to a worthwhile destination we really need to know what it in fact is.

When the journey gets tough it is easy to fall off the rails. Falling off the rails in inevitable, but you will end up on the wrong track if you aren’t sure where you are headed – and why.

If you build out an emotionally juicy picture of what it is that you want, you will get it. The nourishing satisfaction of the love and significance you will get will be the bait that pulls you there 

Is it easier to push a donkey to where it should go, or lead it with a carrot? 

The carrot is the vision. It is what it wants and it is reminded of it constantly. Eventually it gets the carrot but it will drag a heavy cart of manure uphill for miles to get it.

Magnets are extremely powerful. Look at this clip from the hit TV show Breaking Bad:

In order to destroy evidence on a computer hard drive, Jessie and Walt could have blasted their way into the police station and destroyed it that way – along with the lives of police officers, and more likely their own. Instead the magnet is used - and a huge one at that 

There are two ways to get to vision:

  • Push through barriers and force way in. (Doable, just exhausting)
  • Magnetize it so you move there easily. (Exhilarating, empowering)

But how do we make our vision magnetise us towards achieving it? Firstly you must in fact envision it. What do you truly want? How does that smell? How does it taste? How does it feel to have that? What does it look like? 

You can cut up a heap of pictures and put them up on a vision board, or you can write about it. You can create an audio describing it. The juicier the emotional connection to it, the more nourishing it will be to fuel the journey there.

The most important thing here is that you must be reminded of it daily. Look at your vision board daily, REALLY look at it. Stare at it. Breathe it in. Connect in with your WHY and eat that for breakfast. 

They say breakfast is the meal of champions, when really your vision is the meal of you, the soon to be champion.

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