How To Eliminate Procrastination

  1. I’ll finish it later. We have ALL said that before! Or doing that assignment thats due tomorrow at 9am and your finishing it off at 8.50am. We want to help you eliminate procrastination, so follow the steps below to start on your journey!
  2. Prioritise

Create a to-do list of the things that you have to complete. Range them from least to most important and work accordingly. Do the most important tasks first. You will feel a whole lot better once you have completed the most important task on your list and the rest of the tasks will feel easy in comparison.


  1. Break your work into little steps

Breaking down your work into smaller steps is a great way to eliminate procrastination. Often we feel that the task we have ahead of us is just so big that we dread even starting the project. When you break down big projects into smaller tasks it will get a lot easier to get started. You will also feel proud and confident once you have finished a couple of the smaller tasks.


  1. Create a timed work frenzy

It’s been claimed that using a timer is one of the best ways to improve your productivity. Set your timer for 30 minutes and work hard for these 30 minutes. Tell yourself that you can take a small 5-minute break after that to do whatever you usually do when you procrastinate. The funny thing about this one is that we usually get into a good workflow and we simply keep going beyond the time we initially set up to work. Work until you feel like having a break and take your 5-minute break then instead of stopping in the middle of your workflow.


  1. Eliminate your distractions

A good way to force yourself to work is to simply eliminate your procrastination pit stops. Figure out what you normally do when you procrastinate and make it impossible for you to do that when you’re supposed to be working. Turn off your phone and shut down pages on the web for a period of time.


  1. Give yourself a break

Treat yourself to a break once you have worked hard for a certain amount of time or once you have finished your project. Allow yourself to do whatever you want during your break. Then get back to business!


  1. Get over your perfectionism

Wanting to complete a project perfectly is often one of the biggest reasons why we don’t start it. We over-complicate the task and dread starting it because it seems too overwhelming. You have to get over your perfectionism in order to both get started and complete your tasks. Don’t get stuck perfecting a project for too long if you have numerous tasks ahead of you. Finish your project when you have an ok first draft and then go back to your project later on to do the last touches.


  1. Change your environment

Make sure you are inspired to work in the environment you’re in. If you’re sitting at home and you feel like there are too many distractions, it’s a good idea to get out of there to get some work done. Oftentimes we associate our home with relaxing and doing the things we love, therefore it can be hard to force yourself to work hard at home. A good idea is to go to a public office, library or a café where other people are working as well. Sitting around other people who are working hard will motivate you to get the job done as well.

  1. Hang out with people who inspire you to take action

If you are really struggling to work by yourself, meet up with some friends who also have some projects to finish. Sitting together and working side by side can do wonders for your efficiency, as you’re in it together and motivate each other.


  1. Motivate yourself with reinforcements

Last, but not least feel free to give yourself reinforcements for working or not working. Give yourself a positive reinforcement when you have completed a task or a negative one if you’re not meeting your deadline. This is a good motivator as you have something to work towards. Oftentimes people are only motivated to work under pressure and therefore leave their tasks to the last minute. You can create this pressure for yourself by for example giving yourself a negative reinforcement if you don’t get the job done.


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