How To Find Your Passion

‘Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs.’ – Kristin Hannah 

Some people have multiple passions, while other are still dreaming to find that one thing that will make them exceptionally happy. Passion can be described as an intense drive or enthusiasm for something. If you have met some extremely passionate people, you know that you cannot help but get inspired by their enthusiasm. You watch them in awe while maybe feeling slightly envious if you have not felt that exhilarating emotion yourself. The good thing is that passion is available for anyone who is interested in looking for it. If you have not found your passion yet you should simply follow your curiosity and never settle until you find it. In this article we will discuss 9 tips to help you find your passion.


  1. Take one step at a time

Realize that finding your passion is not something that will necessarily come easy. You will have to go deep into yourself to look for what you really want to do in life, you will have to do your research, you will have to explore new areas that you have never been before, you will have to examine if where you are at the moment really is the right place for you, you will have to try and fail and you will have to stay committed to achieving your dream of a life full of passion.


  1. Step out of your comfort zone

If you want to find your passion you will have to step out of your comfort zone. If you do the same things week in and week out you are not likely to discover anything new. You have to explore outside your comfort zone and be willing to try new things. Get a new hobby, start a new sport, socialize with different people than what you usually do or travel abroad with no specific plans. If you have not found your passion where you are at, you will have to look elsewhere. Stay hungry – do not settle!


  1. Follow your curiosity

So now that you have decided to take a step out of your comfort zone you should follow your curiosity in order to find what you love. Do some brainstorming, use your creativity and talk with passionate people to ask them how they found their passion. Deep down at the core of your being you might even know what you are seeking. Dare to look within and follow your instincts. Your gut usually has the answers when it comes to love and passion.


  1. Is there something you already love doing?

Examine your life and explore whether there is already something you love doing. Revisit your childhood to find out what you loved to do as a kid. You might have put passions behind along the way in order to become more serious as you grow up. Think about the times where you have been the happiest in your life and in a good flow. What did you do? What has the power to make you really happy?


  1. Create a dream board

Creating a vision board with your dreams for the future can help you get clear about what you really want in life. When you look within and think about your dreams for the future you also start to understand more of what really makes you happy. How do you see yourself living your life in 10-15 years? If money was no option, what would you like to do and how would you like to live? Do you see any patterns in your dreams? Is your passion hidden there? Read more about vision boards and what it can do for you in our article ‘Why creating a vision board will be one of the biggest steps towards living the life of your dreams’.


  1. Make a list of people you look up to

Who do you look up to in life? What do they do? Why do you look up to them and what makes you admire them? These are all good questions to ask in order to figure out more about what you value in your own life. Usually the people we look up to and admire have achieved something we deep down want to achieve as well.


  1. Quit what is not working

Dare to quit what is not working for you at the moment. If you have a job you really dislike or know is not good for your soul, dare to search for something better. You should not quit your job straight away, but be brave enough to go through a life situation analysis to see if there is anything that really hurts your spirit. The first step to finding your passion is awareness. Finding out what you do not want in your life can be a very good step towards finding what you love in life.


  1. Make a commitment to go towards your dreams

When you have become aware about what you want and what you do not want in your life, make a commitment to go after your dreams. Life is too short to waste it doing stuff you dislike. You deserve better.


  1. Expand your horizon

No matter how old you are, you have the power to change the direction in your life. If what you are doing at the moment is not making you happy, you can change it. Did you go left where you were supposed to turn right? Go back to that point in time and change it. It is never too late to take a new step in the right direction. 

Good luck finding your passion!

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