Ways to Feel Good in Tough Times!

We all feel a little vulnerable from time to time and it can be easy to dwell about our negative situation. Instead of complaining about what has happened or is happening, try to take action in order to put yourself in a better state. Remember that we are not what happen to us rather we are defined by the way we chose to deal with it. Below are some tips on how to feel better when you are going through tough times.

 Acknowledge and feel your feelings

One of the best ways to get through tougher times is to allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. If you are sad, allow yourself to cry. If you are exhausted, allow yourself to rest. If you are angry, allow yourself to feel angry until you are able to release it. The only way to truly get over negative emotions is to let them out. If you do not do it, they will only build up in your body underneath the surface.

  1. Express your feelings

Expressing your feelings to someone can help you overcome them. If you are feeling upset, let down, exhausted or stressed it is important to be able to talk about it with someone. Talking with someone can help you release your feelings instead of keeping them inside of you, while you may also gain other perspectives when seeing the situation from another’s point of view. Sometimes we get so caught up in the way we view our reality that it can be difficult to see the situation from other perspectives. Other good ways to express your feelings can be through writing, art or any creative work. Using the power of the emotions to create something can help you see value in them and deal with them.

  1. Don’t judge your feelings

Realize that you are not your feelings. Accept that whatever happened in your life that has affected you negatively and allow yourself to feel whatever you have to feel. If you start judging your feelings you will only make matters worse. Do not be ashamed of how you are feeling. Understand that everyone has different ups and downs and that you can get out of the situation.

Practice acceptance

Let go of that which you cannot control. What has happened has happened. There is no way for you to go back in time and change it. The only thing you can do is to change how you view the situation. The best thing to do in order to move on is to try to accept what has happened. Try to focus on what you can control, such as your self-care, your relationships and your future decisions.

Focus on what you can control not what you can’t

As stated above there are some things you simply cannot control. You are setting yourself up for defeat if you are trying to change things that are out of your reach to change. Rather than focusing on the negatives and what has happened, you should focus on what you can do in order to make the best of the situation. Think about what you can do now to make you feel better. Take care of your mind, body and soul plus nurture your relationships. Spend time with loved ones and get active doing the things you normally love to do.

Let go of expectations

When expectations rule your life, you set yourself up for disappointment. If your expectations are too high to a certain outcome and those expectations are not met in reality you will feel dissatisfied with the result. This holds for everything in life, such as goals within your career, for your relationships or your health. If you do not get what you expected, you will be disappointed. Try to let go of your expectations and rather approach life from a place of exploration. Be willing to search for experiences rather than outcomes and learn to go with the flow.

Stay grounded in the present

Staying grounded in the present can help you release what is in the past. A good way to practice this is through mindfulness exercises, such as breathing, meditation and yoga. Focus your attention on the present and what actions you can take now to make your future better, rather than dwelling over the past. Enjoy this moment.

Practice gratefulness

Look around you and count all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for. It is easy to forget the positives in our life when we hit a crisis, therefor practicing gratefulness will help you see all the good things that exist in your life. No matter how bad your situation is, there is always something to be grateful for. Focus on what you have now that you are thankful for.


Another good way to get through tough times is to forgive what has happened. Forgive the situation, forgive the persons involved and most importantly forgive yourself. The easiest way to get over bad experiences is if you are able to forgive and let go of the bad feelings you have regarding the situation.

Look for the lessons

There is always something to learn from situations that did not turn out the way we wanted to. Try to look into what has happened and see what you can learn from the situation. Is there anything you could have done differently? What could have made the situation better? Are there any actions you can take now that will prevent this from happening again? When you learn to see challenges as valuable lessons in life, you can even start to appreciate the negative situations that show up in your life because you understand that you can come out even stronger on the other side.






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