What To Do When You Have A Problem…

What To Do When You Have A Problem.

There are many times when you will encounter a problem in life. Most people will do their very best in order to avoid these problems, however the problem with that is most times you will just push it to the side. The problem then continues to grow, and you will inevitably have to be deal with it another time in the future.

It never actually goes away until you deal with it.

So dealing with a problem, whether we like to or not, is inevitable. The logical choice is to nip it in the bud right then and there – but we don’t always do this, do we? For example, your partner is off work for a while and you’re working really hard. He or she is sitting around the house force feeding episodes of Dexter and Game of Thrones back to back in to their eyes and ears. They forget about the list of things that needed to be done today – such as buy food and prepare it for dinner – then you get home late and find that you now have to eat an icy-pole and a stale cracker for dinner. Instead of confronting your partner about the problem, you let it slide. Subconsciously, they see what they can get away with and it happens more regularly. Eventually you explode in anger and a larger problem is born. If the initial problem was squashed before it got out of hand, you both could be moving forwards.

Deal with the problem by confronting it head on, straight away. If you can’t do this, however, keep reading.

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude towards the problem.

Let’s look at the example above where you avoided the confrontation between you and your partner because they wanted to watch TV all day. In this case, the actual deeper problem at hand isn’t the fact that your partner got hooked on watching some addictively awesome TV series, the problem is that you are fearful of confronting them when there is an issue. So now the obvious step is to become aware of what you fear, and when you are avoiding them. In this case you fear confrontation, but what meaning do you give to confrontation? What really happens if you confront your partner? What possible situation have you made in your head that would happen if you confronted them about it?

What meaning have you associated to confrontation? Have you confronted someone before and it hasn’t turned out very well? Did they get angry?

What would most likely happen if you confronted them in the right way would be that you let them know that you aren’t happy (in this situation you have every right to), you discuss each other’s side of the story, and then you move on. You change your attitude towards the real problem and the problem is no longer there.

For the bigger problems at hand, we need outside help. We need someone from the outside to peer in to our minds and help us to seek clarity. The bigger problems need a different brain looking at it, because the brain with the problem is in fact, the problem itself.

Outsource the solution.

It is an obvious step, but doing this effectively is not very obvious. Some people will reach out on Facebook - which is only great if your friend list is full of people who have some credibility or qualification in the matter at hand.

Would you ask your local bar tender for advice on where to invest a spare $50,000 you have lying around? I hope not. It would seem a much better idea to find someone who has successfully invested their own money many times over. Seek and ask a credible source for a solution to the problem.

Someone who has walked the walk and gone from point A to point B and now knows the map. These people are called Consultants.

A Coach on the other hand will use effective tools such as NLP and Hypnosis to help change the meaning of your problem. Then you will find the solution yourself because all the unconscious roadblocks that were in your way have been knocked down. They will also objectively hold you accountable and call you out on your BS. Working with a coach is a sure-fire way to remove problems and achieve success.

Of course, you can seek out these people and invest in working 1 on 1 with them. The more credible they are, the more you invest up front but most importantly the more straight line success you will have. In the end, you will save more of your time and money.

Alternatively, you can absorb all of the free information at hand and piece it together yourself. It is definitely do able, and many have gone this way – it will however cost more in both time and money. But if you don’t have the funds upfront, or can’t afford the repayments for the solution then this is the way. But maybe you should dig into the problem of why you can’t afford the things you need while you’re at it ;).

You will always have problems in life. The goal of life is not to not have problems any more, the goal in life is to have better quality problems. You might open up a business and complain about the problem of having no clients. Then you’ll get overly busy and have the problem of being too busy. But being too busy is a better quality problem than going bankrupt. The key is not to avoid the problems at hand, just work through them head on with the steps above as quickly as possible, get to the next problem but most importantly get closer to your vision.

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