Discover How to Unlock Peak Performance in Your Business, Access Unlimited Energy & Feel Phenomenal!

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This Workshop Is For Entrepreneurs Who;

  • Want to learn strategies to optimize their performance in order to explode their business
  • Sacrifice so much for their business including their health & fitness
  • Get confused by what foods to eat in order to maximise energy and results
  • Get so busy they struggle to find enough the time to exercise regularly
  • Get so tired they are no longer as productive as they’d like to be
  • Don’t get enough sleep but still want to operate at the highest level
  • Want to learn inside strategies of Australia’s top entrepreneurs to optimize energy, performance and productivity
  • Want to double their productivity, close more deals and grow their business!



  • Simple and effective strategies to unlock unlimited energy
  • Learn how to easily achieve a peak state and work morning to night and maintain laser sharp focus
  • Learn how to dominate your day even when you are operating on minimal sleep
  • Learn strategies to achieve exceptional physical results in half the time as the general public
  • Master your nutrition, training and mindset to maximise performance and explode your business.

About Discovery Health & Fitness

Discovery is so much more than just training, It’s a lifestyle! We are a community of like minded people who are continually pushing each other to new heights. We believe that getting the most out of life begins with being fit, healthy and happy and we can help you get there with all our expert knowledge and support.

The best thing about Discovery is its members, you! We have an amazing family of people who are all striving to be our best. It’s hard not to be inspired by everyone around you! Our group sessions are completely non-competitive, with a supportive culture that makes you want to achieve.! We have so much fun doing it and you will too!

Our team is guided by Karim El Barche, one of Australia’s most recognised fitness models and Personal Trainers. Karim’s passion shines brightest when striving for exceptional results with all his clients. His philosophies on training and life inspire amazing success with everyone that he coaches. Karim’s experience with international fitness modelling and background in functional training give you a unique edge when it comes to achieving the lifestyle that you desire.

About Young & Wildly Successful

Young & Wildly Successful is a global movement of young people saying no the 9-5 and yes to freedom and a life of passion! When we looked at the traditional path most people take in life we thought, “there must be a better way”! And there IS!

We believe that every young person has a passion, purpose and unique gift to share with the world and we’re committed to them rock it! The time has come to fire your boss, leave your limitations behind and get ready to live the life you were born to live!

Nothing gives us a greater thrill than helping people around the world live life on their terms, do what they loved and become wildly successful doing it! And we mean success is every area of life: physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Like attracts like and nothing breads success like success so its no surprise that we’ve attracted thousands of young people online and in our live events who are now using our proven step by step YWS System.



Melbourne, AUS


19th June 2014 6.00PM – 9:00PM






Book Your Tickets NOW!

Tickets are strictly LIMITED. Book your FREE ticket now to reserve your seat

We value your privacy and would never spam you