Beating Stress


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Stress is a common occurrence in our world. With an overflow of information at our fingertips it is hard not to be stressed out over certain things. Entrepreneurs have busy and stressful lives, with a lot to be done and not a whole lot of time to do it in. There are obviously a lot of different factors that attribute to stress, but there are a few things that you should do to prevent it from bubbling up out of your kettle and spewing all over the kitchen floor.

There are several causes to stress, so let’s get some of the basics down pat first.

Stress is a feedback mechanism. It is simply telling you that shit needs to change. If you keep ignoring the signals, it will keep coming at you – eventually rendering you out of action (in a mental hospital). Cortisol is the “Stress Hormone”. It is what is released by your adrenal glands as a part of your fight-or-flight response. It is to prepare you for action. Listen to your body.

We all generally know what we should be doing to reduce stress, but other things seem to take precedence. You’re too busy to eat, too busy to exercise and too tired from all the over working you have been doing so you’re on coffee number 27 for the day. You are the road to the loony bin but preventing stress before it sends you to the Psych Ward is better than trying to get out of the Psych Ward when you get sent there.

Prevention is better than cure, and you can prevent stress by:

Eating a clean diet. You know, the foods that you know you should eat? Not fast food and processed crap that you grab on the road, but the real food that is nutritious and going to fuel you to achieving success. This takes having a plan and deciding on what to eat before you get so crazily hungry that you can’t help but consume 14 cheeseburgers and a coke. Too busy? Make time – no excuses.

Exercise. Yep, the wonderful “E” word. To reduce cortisol, you need to exercise it off. Make time for exercise now, or make time for the hospital later – you decide. Too busy? Make time – no excuses.

Meditation. This tool has been around for a very long time, and there are a reason almost all of the world’s highest performers make time to meditate. Think of your brain as a pinball machine. One ball bouncing around is easy to follow and to control. But when there are 50 balls bouncing around at the same time, the game gets stressful. Think of meditation as the tool that removes all of those balls bouncing around your head, and keeps the most important ones for you to focus on. If you can’t make time for 20 minutes a day, you need 3 hours’ worth. Too busy? Make time – no excuses.


Stress is imagined. It is not real. It is fake – but it feels real as hell. It is crippling and it causes you to make shitty decisions that increase your stress levels even more. Prescribing yourself with good nutrition, exercise and meditation will prevent your stress and INCREASE your workload. You want to get more shit done, right? Then MAKE time to do the above things before you turn into a stressed out mess, and have to spend time being bedridden with ulcers, the flu, and haemorrhoids whilst talking to your imaginary fairy friend jimmy at the local psych ward. How well will your business do when you’re off with the fairies?

Success in life comes down to being proactive. So how the hell will you achieve the success you want, when you can’t even proactively prevent stress?

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