Do you believe in you?

Well, do you?

You might say you do, but your actions might communicate differently. Actions always speak louder than words, and this is true in all areas of life.

Look at the results you have right now in relation to your goals and vision. Do you constantly get side-tracked or fall off the wagon? Or do you consistently hit targets?

If you don’t it is most likely due to a lack of belief in yourself.

To have ultimate success in anything you start off with a huge vision. It is the giant magnet that pulls you there.

Then you set some goals, or waypoints, that indicate if you are on track or not.

Then you must believe that you can actually do it – completely!

If you were to set a goal to lose 50kg in 3 weeks, and you have never lost any weight in your life, deep down you probably don’t believe it can be done. If deep down you don’t believe you can do it, it won’t happen – simple.

If you don’t believe you can make a million dollars a year, you won’t make the decisions that will cause the result to happen. Your actions will be incongruent.

To get the results you want, first it must be achievable. If you want to lose 50kg, you must understand what is realistic – for you. It would take an average person about 1-2 years to do that. 1 year for someone truly committed, 2 years for someone who falls off the wagon here and there and loses focus. Some people have done it in more time, and others in less time. Some people haven’t done anything because they don’t believe that they can do it. It all starts with losing 1kg. Then your belief in yourself increases. This grows, compounds and spurs on a greater belief in oneself.

If you are lacking in the good results section, you need to ask yourself – “What would someone have to believe in order to have my current results?” Write down the answers and keep asking yourself that. Ask a friend “What would someone who keeps getting X result have to believe about themselves to get it?” Then ask them what the person would have to believe in order to get the good result that you want.

Belief is an important key in unlocking the doorway to success. You must be completely aligned to unlock the door. If you don’t believe you can do it, then who else will? Sometimes along our journey we will be the only person in the world that does believe is us, and that is fine because if you truly believe it will happen, it will eventually happen. You will make all the decisions that will get you towards you vision, because you believe it to be true. It won’t usually take the straight line that you thought it would take, there is almost always some problems to jump through to get there, but if you believe it enough, the problems will fall and you will be victorious.

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