Is Fear of Failure Holding you Back from Your Success?


‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear – Get over it!’

     We all experience fear on a common basis. Many people let fear hold them back from chasing the things they dream about. Whether it is a different career path or maybe starting out a new business, embarking on these adventures can be scary. However, if you want to succeed with doing something you love you have to face your fear in order to achieve it. You have to look fear in the eye and tell it that you are not going to let it hold you back from your biggest desires in life! Oftentimes, the very things that we dread the most are the things that we deep down know that we truly want for ourselves. In business you have to face your fears quite often. Whether you are want to become an entrepreneur or dare to dive into a new and exciting career, this article will give you some tips on how to overcome your fear of failure.

Signs of fear of failure

     If you have a fear of failure you might experience a reluctance to try new things, self-sabotage by procrastination or a lack of following through your goals, low self-confidence or perfectionism. Fear of failure hides in many symptoms and you might have experienced one, some or all. If you are familiar with any of the symptoms described above you might be suffering from fear of failure.

Overcoming your fear

  1. 1. Realize that failure is a matter of perspective

     We can choose to see failure as a proof of inadequacy or we can choose to see it as a stepping-stone towards success. The way you look at failure is often linked with your degree of fear. If you believe that a small mistake is the end of the world, you will most likely be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. On the other hand, if you believe that one have to go through some mistakes in order to succeed, you will not view them in such a negative light. Change your perspective and turn challenges into opportunities. Realize that we all make mistakes and that the most successful business leaders have all failed on their way to success. Remember that a collection of failures can turn into a mountain of success.

  1. 2. Analyze potential outcomes

     Fear of failure is often linked with fear of the unknown. When you go through situations that are likely to occur as an affect of your move, it is easier to make a decision to go through with it or not. Map out possible outcomes so that you get a clear view of what can happen if you go through with your decision.

  1. 3. Look at the worst-case scenario

     What is the worst-case scenario? If you have developed a good overview of potential outcomes you are now able to see what the worst possible outcome is. Asking yourself what is the worst that can happen is a powerful way to overcome fear. Usually you see that the worst-case scenario is not so bad after all.

  1. 4. Create a back-up plan

     Creating a contingency plan makes it easier to take tough decisions. When you have a plan B in case something goes wrong, you usually feel more confident about moving ahead. If your decision does not go after the plan, there is always another way.

  1. 5. Develop a more positive mindset

     A positive mindset will help you to stay away from self-sabotage and it will help you towards achieving your goals in life. Read books that can help you attain a more positive mindset or attend a personal development class. You will be surprised by how much you can overcome!

‘Do what you fear and the fear disappears’ – David Joseph Schwartz