5 Steps to Stop Treading Water and Start Making Progress

Even though you’re busy, you might not be making progress. Progress is determined by results. If you are getting a result that is moving you forwards, that is progression.


Follow these 5 steps to start making progress.



1)    Where are you right now?


Take stock of your current situation. Look at what you have, look at what you don’t have. We must find the point A before we can get to the point B. This is where you look at where you are in comparison to your goals you had previously set.


2)    Reconnect with your WHY.


This is the big picture. This is the point B. It is the driving force. It is the giant magnet at the end of the road that will pull you toward it. Think about the big picture first, then you can chunk it down into smaller bite sized bits.



3)    Recalibrate your direction.


Once the big picture is back in your mind’s eye, you would have set some goals to get there. Look at these goals again, and see if they are still worthwhile. If not, set some goals that will guide you to the end vision. These are the waypoints, or the markers on the side of the road. They keep you on track.


4)    Prioritize your tasks.


We live in a busy world and it will throw everything at you from cat videos to sickness. We must focus on the most important things at hand and be relentless in their pursuit. Check out this article on productivity and Tim Ferriss.


5)    Reflect on your day.


What specifically did you get done today? What did you not get done that you said you would? What can you do to improve this next time?
Reflection will keep you accountable. It reminds you of your habits (be that good or bad) and helps you get more done. If you had a lazy day, you will see what you didn’t do and will know what needs to be done tomorrow. If you had a very productive day you will revel in your awesomeness and be excited to get that one step closer again tomorrow.


Progress takes proactive action. I know the cat videos on YouTube are so cute you could dieeeeee but, get moving! The realisation of your vision depends on it!