The Biggest Success Killer


When climbing the mountain of success, there is one thing in particular that will destroy it for you. It will hold you back unnecessarily. It will make decisions that you can’t control. It will pull out a metaphorical Glock and shoot you in your foot – multiple times – if you let it. It is a little asshole that will trip you up and push you down the stairs…

That little asshole, is you.

You and you alone can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend. You can choose to make it work and get the success you “want”, or you can choose to make the decisions that keep your dreams as dreams.

You can choose to find a mentor, or do the necessary work and research required to solve a problem, or you can tap out faster than just about anyone fighting Ronda Rousey and instead watch cute cat videos on YouTube.

You can choose to go out on the piss and drink a thousand beers on a Friday night, thus ruining your entire weekend, or you can choose to invest the $250 of beer (and 4am kebab) money into your future or something that you truly value. You can also use the extra time to confront the fears or the required work that are holding you back from doing the work that you need to do.

You can hang out with a bunch of junkies, and become one of them, or you can hang out with a bunch of millionaires and become one of those instead.

You can choose to take an opinion personally and get all riled up, defensive, and angry. Then you can waste your time with a passive-aggressive Facebook post aimed at that one person, but poisoning the rest of your Facebook friends with your unnecessary bullshit that they don’t care about. Or you can focus on your bigger picture, be an adult and move on.

You can bury yourself in busyness to keep your mind away from the fears you are avoiding. The Fears that need to be confronted in order for you to successfully climb Success Mountain. Or you can do meaningful work with laser-like focus, feel fulfilled and have a happier life.

You can neglect your body and mind by placing it in second place to your busyness, and then complain about stress and not having time to exercise or meditate. Even though the successful people you look up to make the time to do it – regardless of how busy they are. Then you can get all stressed out, upset and complainy – then sort it out with a thousand beers (and a kebab) on Friday night.

Do you get it yet?

You are the sole reason for your current direction and success. You, and you only.

It is not circumstance, it is only you. It isn’t the weather, economy, the media, the internet, your DNA, your parents, or the allure of the cute cat videos on the internet. You can’t change the wind, but you can definitely adjust your sails.

The good news is that if you can choose to make a bad decision, you can also choose to make a great decision. And not making any decision is a decision in itself.

The only thing you have to manage is your decisions. Every, tiny, little, seemingly insignificant but massively significant decision that you make every second of every day. You and only you control that, and you and only you control (or kill) your success.