Stuck? How to get your mojo back!


Life is like a bareknuckle boxing match with Mickey the Pikey from the movie “Snatch” – You’re guaranteed to get knocked down.

How do you like those “dags”?

When you have been knocked down in any area of life (be that relationships, health, business etc.), the only way to get up is to get up. There is only two choices to make – do I stay down or do I get up?

Staying down isn’t even a real choice. The only real decision is WHEN will I choose to get up? You could stay on the canvas of life, wallowing in self-pity. Maybe you will write a few sad Facebook status updates ending in an ellipsis AKA: “…” to suggest you are seeking attention. Your friends will follow up with “OMG r u ok babe? Xoxo call me!” or something along those lines. We have all seen that shit before, and we have all been there, too.

But how does one get up when they have been knocked the fuck down and your dreams have been shattered like a glass coffee table your Aunt stupidly thought she could sit on?

Find the hidden meaning

We associate our own meaning to everything. The dog does a wee on the carpet, and you associate frustration and anger to that because that means to you that you have:

  1. A) Failed as a dog trainer,
  2. B) You have to clean it up; and
  3. C) You will smell piss for the next week because YOU CAN NEVER SEEM TO GET IT ALL OUT.

On the other hand, when your dog was a brand new puppy and he did a little tinkle on the carpet, you were overwhelmed with cuteness overload and even took a photo of it to put on Instagram. #PuppiesFirstWiddle.

Similar event, completely different meaning.

When we get knocked down, it is simply feedback on something that you were doing that was not getting your intended result. If I was trying to get jacked and ripped by eating only McDonalds and never exercising, there is no way I would get huge biceps. I would get a huge gut instead. But we know that eating fast food and not exercising won’t get you looking like an Instagram model. Trying to do that and expecting that result will demonstrate that you were in fact, wrong. And even though you tried to get a specific result and it didn’t work, that doesn’t mean you suck at life - it means that there is a little lesson that you can apply so you actually get the result.

Find that lesson and learn it. It is simply a feedback mechanism.

Remove the emotional attachment.

It hurts us when we associate our self-worth to getting a specific result and then we don’t get it. If the feedback mechanism says that what you are doing isn’t going to get the result you want, then learn from it and for god sakes don’t keep doing it. That is the definition of insanity.

Seek the lessons that are being handed to you on a platter. Remove your emotions from the equation – being wrong doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it make you a good person. You are those people regardless of the outcome of something you were attempting.

Now we have learned the hidden lessons from the feedback mechanism, it is time to alter your attitude. New knowledge equals a new perspective. It is like looking at the world with a different coloured pair of sunglasses, or tripping balls on PCP. The different coloured sunglasses are probably a bit more reliable, however.
Think of yourself as a mad scientist. Did X get Y result? Yes or No? No? Then let’s try Z instead. The scientist doesn’t cry and sook about failing on Facebook, he just takes the information learned in the last experiment and uses it in the next one.

Find a Mentor

If you keep butting your head up against something, and you simply can’t see the lessons at hand – find a mentor.

Find someone who has the result that you want. Get them to show you the way. Invest a bit of money, and save a hell of a lot of negative emotions and time.

Take the time to look after yourself

Start exercising. Our bodies build up the stress hormone cortisol and we can only reduce it with exercise. Eat an empowering diet, and clear the unnecessary chatter with a meditation habit.

Meditation is great. Think of your brain as a pinball machine with a million different balls bouncing around. It seems chaotic, right?

Meditation is the process of removing all of those unnecessary metal balls from your mind so you can focus on the few important ones and try and hit them into the area that will give you the most points. There is a reason why just about every single successful person has some sort of a meditation process.

Clearing your mind and reducing stress will allow you to think clearly about the real issues at hand. Only then shall you find a solution.

Final touches

The only way to get back on the horse is to get back on the horse. When it kicks us off we will always be a bit cautious. The key to re-finding your mojo is to do the things you know you should do. It is like motivation – it comes along when you are doing the things that you know you should be doing. Push through the pain, have faith that you will eventually succeed – the only way to fail is to quit.

What have you done to reignite your mojo?


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