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Should I Start A Business?

  Should I start A Business? Many have asked this question. The perception of what it could possibly bring can be alluring. You might see someone very successful with a nice car and a huge house and think “Yep, I’m going to start a business!” For multiple reasons, that is a bad idea. Starting a business purely… Read more »

8 Ways Travelling Will Drastically Improve Your Life

You get to see the wonders of the world You will get to see beautiful places, cool cities and amazing landscapes. This is a big reason in itself to go travel and probably the main reason for most. It’s simply amazing to see new places you could never imagine what were like before you went… Read more »

Do You Have Vision?

  It is the ultimate outcome that is seeking to be attained. It is the final destination and the end of your journey. Most people don’t know what their final destination is. Most people will set some small goals and try to reach them. Only to find that they never reach them because another goal… Read more »

How To Overcome Anxiety

Did you know that 1 in every 4 people you see on the street suffers from anxiety in some way, shape, or form? At some point in their life, they’ll experience shortness of breath, sweaty palms, or erratic thoughts and label it as anxiety. The truth is, though, that anxiety is not a medical disease…. Read more »

7 Strategies to Double Your Productivity in Peak Hour Traffic

In this video Calvin shows you how to boost your productivity and double your success whilst in peek hour traffic. Calvin dives straight into answering one troubled warriors question regarding maximising time and effectiveness on the train to work and gives not 1, but 7 strategy steps to help you dramatically boost your productivity. Ask yourself… Read more »