The 7 Irrefutable Secrets of Success

Unfortunately, the internet is full of some sub-standard information. A quick surf will have you come across information where you can “easily lose 10kg by doing this one thing…” and you can also “Make $1 Million fast by doing these 4 things” – Apparently. Click-Baited headlines aside, there isn’t anything overly sexy about gaining success in the area you wish to achieve it in. It always comes down to these 7 secrets ahem…“Principles”. If you are looking for #Hacks, #QuickFixes, #SilverBullets, #MagicPills and #BS then this isn’t for you.

These 7 principles are for those who actually want success. So here you go:


1. Redefine Success

What is the definition of success for you? What exactly are you trying to achieve? There are so many of us that don’t take this first, basic step and actually define what exactly you are trying to physically do. You don’t leave your house and start driving before you know where it is that you are driving to, do you? The only time you wouldn’t, would be when the goal is to just go for a drive.

Define, specifically, what is the criteria of success for you. 99% of people haven’t achieved success because they haven’t defined it – Be the 1%.


2. Find a Mentor

Find someone who has done what you are trying to do and get them to show you. This can be 1 on 1 coaching, and this could also be something as simple as reading a book. The higher the investment, the higher the results. We have discussed Mentors before. Read: Mentors – Do you Need One?


3. Immerse in Success – Learn by doing.

You can’t play the game from the sidelines. If you can’t play the game, you definitely can’t win it. Take the advice from your mentor and run with it. Do the work. Take action. Go and make some mistakes. It is inevitable to have some failures, just immerse yourself and learn by doing. And keep on doing.


4. Surround yourself with Winners.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with. If you want to be successful, go and hang out with people who are already successful in the area you want to be successful in. Their habits, values and skills rub off onto you and you are drawn to success much easily. Your environment is extremely powerful, be ruthless when choosing who to put in it. Read: Who Do You Spend The Most Time With?


5. Master your Emotions

Yes, the emotions you feel are a choice and you can have power of them – if you choose. Most people are prisoners of their emotions – they allow them to take control. This isn’t to say it is fine to become a robot or to ignore the emotions at hand – You know, do the “man thing”, and squash it down and ignore it? Bad idea.

E-Motions are energy that needs to move. It is a message, or an indication, and you will never control them but you can use them.

What you can do is feel it and move anyway. You can feel unmotivated and sad, but choose to do the required work anyway. By all means, feel the emotion, but those who choose to put themselves into an environment or state that will elicit the required emotion are the ones who will always come out on top.

Change your emotions by changing your focus.


6. Craft a plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A mentor can be of great assistance here, as they have already done what you are trying to do – so they already know the map. But if you don’t have a mentor, it helps to reverse engineer success and start from the finish and work backwards. The plan allows you to see where you are at, and where you need to go next – regardless of your emotions or how you “feel”.


7. All in

You must be “All In”. There is no plan B. There are no excuses. Your success is a MUST. That is the only way you will achieve it. Bet on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.

Sure, don’t be reckless and not have an exit strategy, but understand there is a fine line between an escape route and an excuse to back off.

“If you want to be an anomaly, you must act like one”

There you have it – 7 unsexy, “unhack-y”, not-so-secret (anymore) principles to success. The only way to get to your defined success is by adhering to these principles. It might take 10 years, or it might take 10 months, but unlike the majority of the BS on the internet, it will actually get you there.