The Highway to the Achievement Zone

A journey always starts from the start. It starts from the point A. But in this metaphor, it starts from your home. When you get into your car, you will already have the final destination in mind – That is the point B. As you reverse out of your driveway and onto the streets, it can be slow going.


Maybe you live in a busy area. It is hard for a start-up – especially in a busy space. On the roads with you are marketers galore, all blaring their horns and cutting in front of one another. It is a dog eat dog world out there, on the road to the achievement zone.


Others will crash into one another, causing road blocks. Occasionally, roadworks are also being undertaken. It is frustrating when you’re trying to get to where you want to be, in the shortest time possible.


So you take some back streets. You’re resourceful. But you take some wrong turns. Apparently you didn’t actually know the roadmap as well as you thought, but every wrong turn opens your mind to some knowledge you needed to know. These “mistakes” grow you, and are necessary.


Like an unexplored map in a Role Playing video game, you can only see what you have explored. You know where you want to go – it seems so simple. But you don’t know the map well enough to navigate the terrain.


More mistakes and wrong turns start to frustrate you, but the hunger for the achievement zone urges you to push on. You feel like you are going around in circles – and you are. But each time you keep learning just that little bit more.


Finally – a breakthrough. You’re onto a main road now. There are a lot of other cars still, but you are moving faster. Newfound enthusiasm fuels you to go faster – until you get a speeding fine from an overzealous Police Officer. Never mind – lessons in life cost money, but you need to keep going.


More roadblocks, traffic jams and wrong turns plague your journey. When you started your journey to the achievement zone it seemed so simple! You never realised it would be so hard. However, as you push on the traffic dwindles.


More wrong turns make you want to quit. It is all too hard! The roads are empty now. Most people have quit – you vouch to persevere.


Asking for advice from some people on the side of the road moves you closer towards the achievement zone – but never all the way. Some even give you the wrong advice.


You have wasted so much fuel and time doing wrong turns your enthusiasm is almost gone.  You’re on your last legs.


As a last ditched attempt, you do what you should have done in the beginning and you pull into a service station and invest in a map – in the world of business this is what you would call a mentor.


The mentor shows you the EXACT route to get there – because they have already made your journey, and they made even more mistakes.


The investment pays off and before you know it, you’re on the Highway to the achievement zone. You’re not at the destination just yet – you still have some distance to cover. You have still got to hustle and keep driving forward. The only difference now is you know you are on the right road.


You build up momentum and you have moved farther than you could have ever dreamed. The road markers are indicating that your destination is so close.


You get to your destination and revel in the glory.


It is short lived, as you see another destination that you want to get towards. After expressing gratitude for what you now have, and for the journey you experienced you have come to learn another lesson – You have been in the achievement zone the entire time. The achievement is in the journey itself, not just the destination.


Have faith that you will get to the destination eventually. Then there will be another destination to get to after that. Each time you will get there faster with a mentor who knows the map, but the beauty comes from the journey itself. It comes from the growth we experience on the way to what we want.


We will get there in the end, but remember that “there” is a constantly moving target. It is the magic dragon that you will never catch.


You’re already in the achievement zone if you’re learning something new.