The Hustle Ep 1: Welcome To The Hustle!

Hey, guys. Calvin here from Young & Wildly Successful. I hope you’re doing super-well. Here in India, I’m asking you the most important question. Can you hustle dirty? Guys, look at this. We’re literally here. You want to open a shoe store? We have a shoe store. You want to open and sell fruits and vegetables? We have fruits and vegetables. There is literally everything you can imagine here, guys. They don’t wait for permits. They don’t wait for health and safety. They don’t wait for anybody to give them permission to get out there and start making a dollar. You want to open a fashion store? We have fashion stores.

There’s literally everything you could imagine here. Guys, this is a whole industry dedicated to innovation and creativity. It’s not about holding yourself back. It’s not about waiting for somebody else to give you opportunity. You’ve got kid’s clothes? We have kid’s clothes. Literally, guys, everything is here. The reason why it’s here is because this is an entire group of people that say, “If I don’t make this happen today, then nothing’s going to happen. If I don’t get out there and produce a result, my kids aren’t going to eat.”

I see so many entrepreneurs back in Australia that are waiting and waiting and waiting for their dream moment, for their opportunity to be able to seize everything they ever wanted. It ain’t going to happen, guys. You’ve got to go out there and catch it. If you’ve got a product, if you’ve got an idea, if you’ve got a service, if you’ve got some sort of big dream and ambition that you want to capitalize on in the world, go out there and make shit happen. Stop waiting for it to happen. The hustle doesn’t wait for you. You have to rise to the hustle, guys. Because at the moment so many of you are waiting to get it done, waiting for it to be perfect instead of just getting the job done.

You’ve just got to get the job done, guys, because so many of us wait. We have all this product. I could move it. No, we’ve got to wait till the store’s right and the shop fit-out’s right. Just put it on the side of the street and start selling shit. It’s not even folded, guys. It’s really that straightforward and simple. You want storage? We’ve got storage right here. Make the most of what you’ve got every single day and just get on with the job because it’s not about manifesting abundance and all that crap.

What it’s about is getting out there and making a bloody sale. It’s about getting out there and proving to yourself that you can actually do this, that you can be and do and have what you want, but it doesn’t get started perfectly. This is not perfect. But there are people with goals and dreams that are out there that are making things happen right now just because of the fact that they didn’t wait for it to be right. They didn’t wait for a permit or a license or approval from someone or something. The only person that you need approval from is yourself. Go out there and demand that approval. Because you were put here for a reason and that reason was to do more than sit and wait around for it to be perfect. Done is better than perfect.

Take action right now. Start making some big things happen in your life, and then just get out of your own way because, guys, if there’s one thing you learn by coming here, literally like tarpaulins hanging shit up. If you don’t have enough storage capacity, just hang stuff off the clotheslines, for God’s sake. Don’t let perfect get in the way of better. Sacrifice your ego. Start and hustle, and you have to be willing to work in the chaos of this place. If you’re not willing to work in this chaos, then you don’t deserve to be an entrepreneur. Because entrepreneur’s about getting it done and about making things happen.

So guys, here in India, asking you if you can hustle dirty. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes. If you’re willing to walk into the crowd of success and be able to come out a champion. That’s what I’m asking you for right now. Guys, live strong and live a passion. Make today and everyday a phenomenal, life-changing adventure. Here in India, I just want to encourage you guys to live life on your terms. Welcome to the hustle.

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