The Hustle Ep10: How to get everyone’s attention in a noisy market

Hey, guys. Calvin here from Young & Wildly Successful walking down the streets of Sri Lanka. For business owners out there, here’s a little bit of a video for you guys and actually for everybody today. We do have so much overwhelm and it’s really overwhelming being in an environment like this. You got cars, and buses, and trucks, and chickens, and all sorts of crazy shit happening all of the time. But what I want to share with you is how much of a reliance in developing countries they put on billboards? Let’s have a look at this.

So, guys, literally everywhere you go is just signs, and signs, and signs, and signs, and signs. It’s like their entire boards are plastered with them. Everywhere is built around signs. You look at the streets and it’s so busy all of the time. It’s like how on earth do you stand out in such a noisy marketplace? Everyone has different color and there’s like signs on top of signs and signs underneath signs. Literally billboards are just freaking everywhere. It’s just nuts. You drive through some of the biggest streets and you just go, “This is insane.”

I think a lot of business owners can reflect on this. We think that some of the busy marketplaces…this is crazy. We think some of the busy…in a middle of it all, there’s a place selling TVs and fridges. What on earth is going on? So we think it’s noisy on social media, that’s not noisy. This is noisy. We think it’s a bit intense in the middle of it all with the people selling mattresses.

How do you stand out when there are so many people, everyone’s bartering for stuff? You’re trying to position yourself next to kid’s toys, next to shoes, there’s buses. There’s just so much noise here, guys. Yeah, this is what it’s like. So I want you to imagine that this is what your clients are looking at every single day online. I want you to imagine that this is what it’s like for them every single day when they’re trying to find you. It’s like they really want to, but they’re so distracted by the million tastes, smells, sounds, speech, noises, music playing in the background, that there’s really no way to differentiate.

In fact, you probably noticed already since I’ve been walking down the street, there is a couple of ways people have been able to differentiate. One is through music. You can really point the ones that are playing music, yet you can’t hear them from a distance, but when you get close to them you can really tell. Some of them as well differentiate themselves by positioning themselves further back off the road, where everyone wants to be on the road, they’re doing things differently.

It’s just fascinating to me, guys, how business is done in other countries. If there’s one lesson you can take from this is that everyone’s trying to get everybody’s attention. Everyone’s trying. The ones that stand out are the ones that do something fundamentally different. They don’t have the most colorful sign board. They don’t have the biggest, the loudest stereo. They find a way to differentiate themselves in the noise and the craziness of all of this. How would you do it in a developing nation? I don’t know. But I can tell you, creating more billboards and signs is certainly not helping.

Hopefully you guys get a bit of an appreciation as to what it’s like in some of the different parts of the world. I want you to understand that you can be one of the masses or you can be the person in your industry, in your niche, in your marketplace that stands out. To do that though, you got to do things in a very different way than what everyone else is doing, because this is carnage, absolute carnage, and I want to encourage you to succeed. Remember, live strong, live with a passion today and everyday, a phenomenal life changing adventure. Above all else guys, I’m going to live life on your terms. Peace out.

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