The Hustle Ep2: 3 Steps to Wealth

Hey, guys. Calvin here from Young and Wildly Successful. I hope you’re having a fantastic day. The sun’s setting on the day in Sri Lanka here and I just want to record a really quick video for you on the three steps to wealth. This is not the three steps to quick cash or the three steps to making a million bucks. This is the three steps to having wealth in your life and feeling wealthy and being wealthy.

The first thing I have to share with you is that the first step to creating wealth and the first principle of creating wealth really all comes down to feeling wealthy. I’ve had times when I’ve had very little and I’ve had times when I’ve had a lot. I can promise you that the reality is this, what you get doesn’t make you wealthy. The car that you drive or the money that you have or the designer handbag, whatever it is for you, that doesn’t make you wealthy at all. What makes you truly wealthy is a feeling of wealth, the feeling that you are a wealthy person.

I can promise you…I’m just showing you the beach because I’m going to reference it in a second…I can promise you that staying here in Sri Lanka, here I am, this place is about 100, maybe 150 a night, so it’s not expensive. But sitting here drinking a coconut and watching the sun go down, I’m the wealthiest man in the world. If you add on top of that the friends and the family that I have, Jesus, there’s not a thing in the world that money can’t buy when I have those things.

So I want to encourage you to understand that you have to start by feeling wealthy and that can be exceptionally hard to do. I remember being in positions where I had no money. In fact, it was only three or four years ago I was traveling around India, which is just the neighboring country, with nothing at all and trying to make it all happen. The reality is that none of that actually matters. Because if you could choose to feel wealthy for the fact that you’re alive or the fact that right now watching this video, you could rub $2 together between your fingers, then you’re actually in the top 10% of people in the entire world that are wealthy. Because wealth is so relative.

I’m here in Sri Lanka on the beach. But if I go 100 meters this way or 100 meters this way, I’m going to be in the ghetto almost of Sri Lanka. I’m going to be on the actual streets. I can promise you, no matter how bad you are, no matter how bad you think your finances are, you’ve got a heap more financial wealth than anybody else that’s here. In fact, of the 7.5 billion people on the planet, nearly 4 billion people live on less than $2 a day. Less than $2 a day, guys.

So the reality is you actually have tremendous wealth. If you’re watching this video…most people watching it are in the western world, certainly Australia, America, and the UK…you guys have tremendous wealth. No matter how bad things are, the fact that you’ve even got 100 bucks, you’re still so much more wealthy than a lot of the world. So start by feeling wealthy and that might be feeling wealthy for the fact that you’ve got a shirt on your back or a roof over your head. It might be feeling wealthy to be able to enjoy a sunset because it costs you nothing. Or it might be wealthy because you can smile at somebody. That can be wealth for you because it’s just a rule.

So the first thing is feeling wealthy. The second thing in terms of having wealth every single day is to read, to learn every day. Because you can’t be wealthy without learning and growing and developing. Because a man or a woman with everything that doesn’t feel like they’re growing and developing in their life has nothing. A man or woman with everything that doesn’t feel like they’re growing and developing has nothing. So it’s really vital that you learn, that you read, that you do something every day that makes you better. That’s really important.

I would actually add onto that as well that you do something physically every day, because true wealth comes from having a physical capacity to enjoy life. If you don’t have that because you don’t have your health, you have nothing. So step one is feeling wealthy. Step two is doing something every day that makes you grow physically and mentally and emotionally and even spiritually. Doing something every day that makes you grow. Then the third step to creating wealth long-term, no matter where you are or what you want to achieve, the third step to creating wealth comes with an understanding that to be wealthy, you’ve got to give back.

It might be as simple as giving back by enjoying a meal with somebody. It might be as simple as giving a homeless person on the street some money. It might be giving back by spending time with a family or a friend member who’s sick. It might be giving back by taking somebody out. It might be giving back by donating some money to charity. It might be giving back by just sharing your gift with the world. But to feel as though you’ve contributed and made somebody else’s life better, that lights you up. That gives you wealth more than anything else in the world.

If you just listen to those three steps…you learn something new every day, you do something every day to grow yourself, you feel wealthy every single day, and you give…I promise you, you will achieve wealth far beyond your wildest dreams. It doesn’t necessarily mean that doing that alone is going to put money in your bank account. But I promise you, you won’t need it. As a result of that, you’ll actually find the opportunities are in abundance to create money.

Because there’s $17 trillion circulating the planet every single day. There’s no such thing as a shortage of money. It purely just comes from having an abundance mentality and knowing there’s enough out there. I promise you, when you’re in a position where you feel wealthy, you are going to attract opportunities to make money. That doesn’t mean to say you’re always going to make money, but if you’re learning every day, then maybe you’ll spend some of your time learning how to make some money and that’ll bring about financial wealth for you as well.

But to have financial wealth without physical, spiritual, emotional, or romantic wealth, what’s the point? It’s about having an abundance in all areas. So feel wealthy. Do something every day to develop yourself. Read, learn, grow, physically move your body. Step number three, give back every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s small. Start small. Don’t wait until you’ve got your empire before you start giving back because that’ll never happen. Start small. Scale fast.

So if you enjoyed the video, guys, please share with somebody else that’s on their journey to wealth. It’ll mean something very different to everybody. But I’ll encourage you to find out what it means to you and then go after it with all of your heart and soul. Above all else, guys, remember to live life on your terms. So here in Sri Lanka, the sun’s setting. Lots of love. Good luck and God bless.

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