Why Video Marketing Will Save Your Business

There is no doubt you’ve witnessed video marketing - it’s everywhere. It’s on social media, in emails, on TV! You can’t escape it.

In a world where the internet is, arguably, the most valuable platform for promotion, video marketing is a necessary component. In the next 2 years, video will make up 74% of all internet traffic. At this point, 93% of marketers are using videos for marketing but only 24% of brands are using video as part of their marketing plans.

If you’re not already putting out weekly (or daily!) videos, here are a few reasons as to why video marketing is a vital addition to your already existing marketing:

1. Credibility Through Personality 

The most beneficial aspect of producing videos as part of your content is the ability to really sell yourself. By standing in front of the camera and sharing your message, you’re able to really put in your personality into what you’re saying. Your customers are able to see your face, hear your voice, and understand the passion behind your brand. You develop a deeper connection with your audience.

Only 7% of our communication comes down to the words we actually say. 38% of our communication is how we say the words and the other 55% is how our physical body is delivering the message. Through video, it’s much easier to convey your message than through written word.

By adding a video to the top of a sales page or blog, you’re allowing more of engagement with you and your audience.

2. The Numbers Don’t Lie

The statistics around video marketing are astounding. Because 52% of marketing professionals say that using video has the best return on investment, it has been named 1 of the top 3 marketing tactics, after webinars and case studies.

A recent study has shown that 86% of customers are more inclined to purchase a product after they’ve seen a video of the product or brand and 92% of mobile viewers share videos with their friends on social media sites, meaning your content (if you’re giving outstanding information, of course) have a much higher chance of reaching more people through sharing if you’re producing videos.

3. Constant Content

By adding videos to your marketing, you’re able to constantly put out new and updated content. Filming videos on your phone, computer, or camera and uploading them directly to your Youtube or Facebook account is easy and quick. There’s no excuse for not recording yourself giving out a message - even if it’s a 1 minute video. See something interesting on TV that you want to reference in a video? Whip your phone out right there while you’re sitting on the couch and chat to the camera!

If you put new blog posts out every week or month, you can add a video to the top of the blog post. By doing so, it gives a more dimensional and full blog.


Being in full swing in the video marketing game is how to get the edge up on your competition, keep your market and audience engaged, learn what works and what doesn’t, and produce continuous and great content.

For more information on how you can dominate the market and your videos, visit youngandwildlysuccessful.com.



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